• UO Studio Visits: Hattie Lindsley of Magenta Disco

    Behind Magenta Disco's colorfully vibrant and emotionally charged art you'll find Hattie Lindsley, a local Austinite and Dallas native who has been experimenting with paint and an assortment of other artistic mediums from a young age. Leading up to her West Texas themed printmaking workshop this Sunday at Austin's Space 24 Twenty (get your tickets here!), we sat down to pick Hattie's brain on her personal style and inspirations.

    Tell us about Magenta Disco… when did it originate?
    Magenta Disco (MAH-henta) was born when I moved to the Pacific Northwest and I realized I loved my hometown, Dallas! Growing up I went to Estate Sales every weekend like it was my job. I used my finds to style countless photoshoots, feeding on the easy, affordable glamour. I still find styling very invigorating. 

    What are some of your biggest sources of creative inspiration? 
    I love the big fashion prints that are available in shops all over Dallas. Paper city and Dallas Modern Luxury, to name a few, feature high fashion shoots. This accessible energy puts me in the mood to paint. That and some cheeky electronica tunes from the early 2000’s. I have to have music while I’m painting, because I’m basically dancing with a paintbrush.

    When I’m not painting I’m really inspired by language, rhetoric, and creative, visual ways of sharing perspective. My college town, Tacoma, Washington was a big printmaking town. With all the lumber, woodcuts were a very accessible medium. I used to love attending the print fair at King’s Books. Printmaking is a great medium because you can be very technical and precise or skip that altogether and pump out a lot of art very quickly. (sometimes both are achievable) I love making art fast. Instant gratification all the way! Magenta Disco moves fast. Always inspired, invigorated, engaged, and spontaneous.

    How does your personal space reflect who you are as an artist? 
    My personal space changes a lot! There are some constants, like the disco ball in my kitchen. I usually have lots of decorations from Alamo Fiesta, an inspirational space in itself. This San Antonio import store carries EVERYTHING. Mucho fiesta.

    I like to have very bright spaces with a lot of natural light. I also like spaces to be very dictated by social gatherings. I like the furniture to be where it best suits a conversation between people. I have lots of paintings in my dining room. I like critiquing them for months. Eating, looking, looking, letting my eye run laps around the canvas, flipping the canvas upside down. I want to make sure the rhythm of the painting is steady. If my eye stops in some area then it needs work, if it can run around and around then the painting is finished!

    What should we expect from your West Texas Printmaking Workshop at Space 24 Twenty this week?
    As much as I love my mucho fiesta casa con disco balls, I also find trips to the desert particularly refreshing. I love spending time in super bright white adobes. I’ve found that lunchtime in marfa can be blinding! There is so much sun and so much light your eyes can’t take it. For the upcoming workshop, I hope to celebrate these desert landscapes, but also add a little magenta disco enthusiasm and vigorous communication. VIVA! organize, decorate, share your ideas!

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