• UO Studio Visits: Hanna Barczyk

    Take a tour of artist Hanna Barczyk’s colorful NYC studio and find out more about her daily inspirations. 
    Photos by Julia Robbs

    Tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey as an artist.
    I grew up in Germany in a small town called Bad Waldsee, situated in the south, close to the Alps. However, my mother is Hungarian and my father is of Polish-East Prussian descent. When my twin sister and I were 13 years old we emigrated with our mother to Toronto, Canada, where I attended high school, then the Ontario College of Art and Design. In 2013 I left for NYC to intern with Edel Rodriguez. By May 2014 I was working independently as an illustrator and now have a studio located in the Garment District in Manhattan. I create conceptual illustrations for editorial, books, advertising, packaging, institutional and charity organizations.

    Who are some of your biggest inspirations?
    My major influences have been German expressionism, Polish and Cuban poster art, Mexican murals, Picasso, Matisse, Kahlo. Other artists that have influenced me are Chris Ofili, Jacob Lawrence, Marcel Dzama, Margaret Kilgallen, and Push Pin Studios. One of my biggest influences outside of art has been dancing. I’ve danced ballet since I was young as well as danced, performed and taught salsa and Argentine tango. The movements, lines, expressions, and music have had a major influence on how I illustrate bodies and their expressions.

    What’s it like living and working in NYC? What are the benefits? The cons?
    Living and working in NYC has many benefits, there are opportunities to meet with clients, connect with other illustrators and going to art events. The city is filled with life and energy and it motivates me to keep working.

    How do you like to work?
    I like to work by myself in my studio, listening to music and having the freedom to take an espresso break when I need.

    What’s your dream studio set-up?
    My dream studio set up would be to work in a big space with lots of natural light where I could paint and draw large-scale pieces of art. 

    What’s been your biggest accomplishment as an artist so far?
    My biggest accomplishment so far has been being a regular contributor to the New York Times, getting published in the New Yorker and having had an art show in Toronto, ON at Coldstream Fine Art.

    Tell us a few things you’re looking forward to.
    I’m looking forward to creating more personal works such as drawings and paintings.

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