• UO Studio Visits: Amber Ibarreche x UO

    Our newest home collab, Amber Ibarreche X UO, features the work of Amber Ibarreche, an artist whose work is a blend of wordplay and creative inspiration. The collection itself ranges from a blush-colored neon light (featuring the punny phrase "You Glow Girl!") to hand-embroidered, one-of-a-kind tapestries. Scroll on for an intimate look at Amber's workspace and to see more of her exclusive UO collection.
    Photos by Cara Robbins

    Above: Over The Moon Pillow

    Scrolling through Amber's work, it's easy to see that the common theme throughout everything she does is positivity and action. Whether she's working on hand-lettering a t-shirt or hand-embroidering a hat or tapestry, the basic takeaway message from each of her projects is "be happy and get stuff done." (A few of the recent mantras on her Instagram: "Success is a collection of well curated failures"; "They think backwards, we move forward"; and "Pull away from what doesn't push you forward." You're feeling more inspired already, aren't you?)

    Her easily understood designs + phrases have been applauded in many corners of the internet, from Buzzfeed to i-D, and the growth of her extremely relatable work shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In a day and age when it's easy to feel powerless or overwhelmed online, Amber's bite-size nuggets of advice help her audience keep themselves grounded. 

    Above: You Glow Girl Glass Candle
    Based in LA, Amber's positive outlook on life matches the sunny disposition of her home state and the open, inviting nature of her personal studio. When we tapped Amber for this collab, we were excited to see what her spin would be on classic UO Home items, like neons, and her You Glow Girl Neon Sign quickly became an office favorite. Our other favorites from the collection? The Negative Funds, Positive Vibes Mug (#relatable), her Over The Moon Glass Pillar Candle (excellent for staying cozy on a chilly autumn night), and the Trust Embroidered Vintage Indigo Textile (because how cute and soothing?).

    Above: Amber hand lettering a shirt

    Shop the full collection here and make sure to keep up with Amber on her Instagram. It's the perfect dose of creative inspiration and self-love every day.

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