• UO Print Shop: Lawrence Slater

    Discover the newest artist in our UO exclusive lineup is London-based Lawrence Slater, an illustrator who combines bold colors with simple shapes in pieces that feel both fresh and timeless. 
    Photos by Joshua Whitelaw

    Can you share a bit more about who you are, where you are from, and what you do ?
    I am an illustrator and designer based in south east London. I was born in Nottingham but moved to London in 2010 to study design at London College of Communication. I primarily make drawings for clients using a computer but also enjoy producing sculptures and other things in 3D. I’ve previously worked in wood workshop and enjoy the craft of working with wood and other materials.

    Above: Lawrence's work at UO

    How do you explain the work you make — what inspires it, what ideas resonate most?
    I enjoy making images that make me and hopefully other people happy, always involving characters made from simple colorful shapes. I always like to keep work simple, I like how brave an artist has to be to put out images that are really stripped back. The apple and pair prints by Enzo Mari are a perfect example of this, they’re amazing and will never age badly.

    Simple shapes and bold colors play key roles in your pieces: what are some specific shapes / palettes to which you are particularly drawn?
    As long as the shapes are interesting I don’t mind, square off shapes or rounded off shapes all work for me. With color I always find it interesting how everyone has slightly different taste and preferences, there normally really isn’t a right or wrong. There’s other artists and designer who I think are great and really respect they’re judgement but I would never use the same colors as them. I naturally avoid greens and go mad for blues and oranges.

    Above: Lawrence's work at UO

    How does one of your pieces come together — do you go in with a preconceived concept or does it happen more organically?
    All my drawings come to from lots of small and really quick drawings in a sketch book or just on loose pieces of paper. I work really fast and will keep doing drawings until I’m happy with a layout, the basic shapes and the idea. I then mostly redraw them on a computer, this works so well for me as I can test out so many colors schemes really fast and choose my favorite.

    Your brother is also an artist — have the two of you ever worked together or collaborated creatively?
    Yes me and Thomas share a studio with our friend Kyle. We have worked together on a few thing but generally prefer to keep our work separate as found previously working together causes us both to compromise in some way which we would prefer not to. We are always talking through ideas and images with each other. Maybe we will collaborate on something soon, I’m not sure, it is definitely real helpful having each other around.

    What are some current curiosities for you (in any genre)?
    How to make my dog well trained and how to keep all my plants alive and healthy, haha.

    Can you share more about the concept / or a story behind the piece(es) of yours that will be at Urban Outfitters? 
    A few years ago a started making drawings I called #lozlifestyle, I was a bit down at the time and thought it was funny to create drawings that show a ridiculous and frankly gross hedonistic lifestyle. The drawings were inspired by rap music and Instagram accounts like Dan Bilzerian’s. I thought the mix of my child friendly bright and bold illustrations mixed with the content was funny. Some of the pieces Urban Outfitters is selling are from this project.  

    Above: Lawrence's work at UO

    What is next for you? What are you looking forward to? 
    I want to create more children’s products and toys. I really enjoy thinking about an object and how it can be used or can change a space, this for me is much more exciting than creating flat images on a computer. I like to be able to hold and touch something I am making.

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