• UO Pride: Tegan and Sara Live at Space 15 Twenty

    All month long, we're celebrating UO Pride with Fujifilm by hosting events all across the country. To kick things off, we welcomed Tegan and Sara to Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles for a pretty epic album release celebration. On Friday, June 3, the pop duo released their eighth album, Love You To Death and fans got the chance to see the sisters up-close-and-personal with an exclusive performance. Didn't make it? Check out some photos from the show, below.
    Photos by Dana Pleasant

    To get tickets to the event, fans purchased Tegan and Sara's new album Love You To Death at Amoeba Music in Hollywood. Those early enough to get wristbands were all smiles as they eagerly awaited the show.

    By 7pm, Space 15 Twenty party-goers were ready to hear Love You To Death brought to life.

    Tegan and Sara, twin sisters from Canada, have been performing together for over 20 years, so it's safe to say they've nailed down the stage presence thing.

    In her conversation with us, Tegan shared her thoughts on fan reaction to the new album: "I think there is new ground being covered, but I also think longtime fans will feel the depth and intensity," she said.

    From the looks of it, she was right.

    This performance was not to be missed. Tegan and Sara spent time signing posters for the crowd post-set.

    And of course, there was no shortage of photo opp.

    Thanks for celebrating, L.A.! Everyone else, there's more Pride fun coming your way. Find out more about our upcoming UO Pride events here