• UO Pride: Rayne Nadurata

    To celebrate Pride this month, we’re sharing the stories of young creatives showing their pride and proving that love is love. We’ve partnered with GLSEN to introduce an exclusive collection of graphic tees and hats, with all profits donated to GLSEN in support of LGBTQ youth. Read more about #UOPride here.

    Rayne Nadurata doesn’t conform to gender stereotypes, making him an inspiration to anyone out there who’s ready to step out of their comfort zone.  
    Photos by Arden Wray

    Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do/where you live.   
    I'm Rayne. A gender-fluid artist currently working through modeling and clothing construction to influence anyone whom may be unaware of the beauty in balance, within masculine and feminine energies. And how fashion can change a person's perspective on openness and expression. I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

    How did you first get involved in modeling? Where do you hope your career leads you?
    My sister is a model and I always remember looking up to her for being so free and feminine within her career. Being raised in a more suburban area, I had a lot of pressure to conform to a masculine mold, which I never did. My goal is to influence change amongst a more right-wing mindset and for them to feel less of the fear they may have to the unknown.

    We saw in your recent Very Good Light interview that becoming your “authentic self” in a small, suburban town isn’t always an overnight process. Do you have any advice for other teens out there in similar situations?
    Don't allow the oppressive to dim your light. I've constantly been faced with discrimination and although it would have affected me at an earlier age, I learned that it's someone's self-insecurities that they're trying to project onto me. Also, having a strong spiritual background I'm aware of negativity, and I've built the strength to know they're not on my level and therefore cannot affect me in any way. 

    What’s one thing you’ve learned about yourself this past year?
    Stay true to who you are and your instincts. So many people in the world have tried to project and persuade their ideologies on me and I've just learned if I don't spiritually click with another, I simply don't waste my time in their presence.

    What’s a project you’re working on currently that you’re proud of?
    I've been creating a lot of clothing as well as dancing (mostly interpretative modern and vogueing) and I've been planning on bringing the real underground vogue experience to Toronto with some gorgeous designs for the talents made by me.

    What big ideas have been most important to you lately?
    My thoughts on the fashion industry and how I can change it to make it a more positive and loving atmosphere, because at the end of the day fashion is art, not just another cheque.

    Why are you proud to be who you are
    I was gifted with the ability to heal and spread love, and I couldn't be more proud of myself for this alone.

    Say something to empower others to be who they are
    Everyone is an individual and everyone can possess the same power. I'm 18 years old and I definitely feel I have a strong grip on reality and what's right in this world. Everyone has the same capability to do so - you just have to believe in yourself.

    Why is it important to love yourself
    If you don't love yourself then how the hell are you supposed to love or send love to anyone else? The world needs love more than ever right now, and it's so significant if we could all become aware of that. 

    What is one thing that you wish everyone would remind themselves every day?
    You're A Bad Bitch and don't let ANYONE get in the way of that.

    What is it about GLSEN that you think makes them an important non-profit to represent?
    They build homes and family's for our beautiful gender non-conforming community, and these lovely individuals may not have been blessed enough with having a supportive and loving family. I can see GLSEN does what they're doing from the heart and I commend them for that. 

    Finish the sentence: “Love is: ____."
    Love is the only thing keeping this planet and all its species alive.

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