• UO Pride: Le1f

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    NYC-based rapper and producer Le1f is breaking all the right rules — from his lyrics to his genre-defying songs, he has been an industry trailblazer since his debut album in 2012. 

    Leading up to his performance at our UO PRIDE party this Thursday, June 8 from 7-9pm at Space 15 Twenty in LA, we spent the morning with Le1f to learn about his current projects and passions.
    Photos by Anna Ottum

    What projects have held the most focus for you this year?
     My life is the project I’ve been paying most attention to.

    You have been working on music under your name — Khalif Jones. What can listeners expect from your new work? Is this a departure entirely from Le1f, or just the next step?
     My name is Khalif. I’m on a journey towards making the music that’s most true to myself; my emotions, my joys and commotions. It’s very personal.

    What emotions are at the core of the new project? 
    Love and Introspection.

    Your work as Le1f boldly addresses many big themes — from homophobia to misogyny to politics to the Black Lives Matter movement. Can you explain more about using your platform and music in this way? Why is it important to you to bring these issues to the front of your music? 
    I’m very sensitive. I’ve been weary of the ways of the world since I was a child. Being an artist has been the best way to free myself of  anxieties, and the better I get at that, the more I can help other people release those same stresses. 

    What are you most passionate about?
     Music and being good at it. 
    It’s been two years since the release of “Riot Boi.” What lessons have you learned since then, or what have been some of the biggest takeaways? 
    If you’re an artist, you have a burning desire. Let it be a torch that lights your path. Don’t let anyone cause you to question your intuition. Don’t wait for anyone’s approval. Create and practice creating from your passion.

    What music, art, places, or ideas have been most instrumental to you recently? 
    Soul, Toyin Ojih Odutola, Berlin & heartache.

    See Le1f perform this Thursday, June 8 at 8pm at our Los Angeles Space 15 Twenty — more details here
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