• UO Obsessions: Yes Please by Amy Poehler

    Get excited. Our favorite lady Amy Poehler's long-awaited book Yes Please is here!
    It's a stream-of-conscious take on…everything. Careers, relationships, childhood, breaking character during SNL, sitting in George Clooney's lap while hosting the Golden Globes…all fair for unpacking. It's self-deprecating and funny and kind of sad; is both and neither a memoir or book of advice. It's totally Leslie-Knope-grade earnest and we're into it. Here's a quick list of takeaways (although the biggest takeaway is, perhaps, just read it yourself!)

    1. This, as a way to live life: “I like hard work and I don’t like pretending things are perfect.”

    2. No surprise: Amy loves Tina Fey. Said love is expressed in an entire chapter about their relationship capped off with an acrostic poem.

    3. A couple names on the Parks & Rec brainstorm list before Leslie Knope: Leslie Skreek, Leslie Knute-Gnorp, Leslie Knooz

    4. A list of movies she's cried to on a plane: 21 Jump Street, That's My Boy, Jackass 2

    5. This observation: "Everybody is scared most of the time"

    6. And this one, on how to consider comparison to others: “Good for her! Not for me. That is the motto women should constantly repeat over and over again.”

    7. Rob Lowe's nickname is ROLO and he loves it.

    8. Amy Poehler, like you, once was obsessed with the terrible, terrible tv show "I Survived."

    9. A chapter called "Treat your career like a bad boyfriend" is amazing and should go viral. Its notes on work, ego, and the fickleness of what it means to be successful are a must-read. “Your ego is a monster that wants to sit at the table, and I have learned that my ego is just as rude and loud and hungry as everyone else’s. It doesn’t matter how much you get; you are left wanting more. Success is filled with MSG.”

    10. And this amazing note on being young: “Is there a word for when you are young and pretending to have lived and loves a thousand lives? Is there a German word for that? Seems like there should be. Let’s say it’s Schaufenfrieglasploit.”

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