• UO Obsessions: New Year Horoscopes

    2015 horoscopes are here! The famed identical twin astrologers the AstroTwins are forecasting what's in store for the new year, and to make things even more fun, we've put together the perfect assortment of UO faves to suit every sign. Here's to being the best version of yourself in 2015!

    Birthdate: March 20-April 20
    Symbol: the Ram
    Color: Red
    Element: Fire
    Stone: Diamond
    Traits: adventurous, determined, independent, trusting, impulsive, optimistic, courageous 
    Love and courage are your 2015 keywords, Aries, so speak your truth and wear your heart on your sleeve. Fortune will favor the Ram who dares to be bold this year—luckily, that's never really a problem for your outspoken sign. In 2015, live your life like it came with a Parental Advisory sticker—out loud and fearless. Romance could make headlines in the New Year, especially on February 20, when love planets Venus and Mars meet in Aries, giving you a belated Valentine's Day. For the next three years, you could get interested in travel, spirituality and entrepreneurship.  Aries is the sign of the boss, so why not be your own? One of your genius ideas could go viral in 2015. International travel—maybe even studying abroad—could open your eyes to exciting possibilities.

    Birthdate: April 20-May 21
    Symbol: the Bull
    Color: Blue, Blue-green
    Element: Earth
    Traits: practical, sensible, determined, patient, strong
    Home is where your heart is in 2015, Taurus! And yours is ready for a décor overhaul. Whether it's your dorm room, bedroom or your own new apartment, break out of a style rut. Decorate your space with the cohesive look your savvy sign loves, adding little touches that make you feel happy and comfortable. Family plays an important role in this year's events; your relationship with your mother or an important female friend/relative could go through an evolution. Over the last two years, you may have learned some tough lessons in love or with close friends, too. Now, you are better equipped to have a stable relationship or more trustworthy people in your circle. New romance could come your way, especially in the fall—just in time to get cozy for the holidays.

    Birthdate: May 21-June 21
    Symbol: the Twins
    Color: Orange, Yellow
    Element: Air
    Stone: Topaz, Emerald
    Traits: intelligent, inquisitive, unpredictable, energetic
    Your trendsetting sign craves variety, and 2015 brings tons of eclectic energy. Look no further than your own 'hood for treasures, Gemini. Explore pop-up shops, buy local, perform in your hometown or delve into your own DIY inclinations. Creative Gemini rules the hands and voice, so you might love creating things with yours: a blog, a podcast, a Tumblr feed that flaunts your unique, high-low style mix. Your friendships and love life go through a maturing phase in 2015, too. Aim for quality over quantity with your closest bonds, and cut the energy vampires loose. Work on being more consistent with the people in your world, too. Instead of making promises you can't keep, strive to be honest about what you can realistically give.

    Birthdate: June 21-July 22
    Symbol: the Crab
    Color: Orange
    Clement: Water
    Stone: Moonstone
    Traits: compassionate, intense, bold, complex, protective, romantic
    Going up: your confidence! In 2015, step outside of your shell and let yourself be seen. You found your voice last year, and now it's time to use it. No more asking for permission to do you. You might even change your whole look or décor scheme to reflect the new, worldlier you. Start by decluttering first; host a clothing swap with friends, donate styles that no longer suit you to charity. Money luck is in the stars, so cash in with a new part-time gig or set up your own side business. You could get into healthy living, clean eating and fitness this year. Cancers can easily become couch potatoes, so force yourself to get up and move. Soon enough, being active will become addictive—and it's the perfect antidote to those famously intense Cancer moods!

    Birthdate: July 22-August 23
    Symbol: the Lion
    Color: Gold
    Element: Fire
    Stone: Peridot
    Traits: charismatic, warm, positive, faithful, fortunate, well-liked
    Fan your feathers, Leo. Lucky Jupiter is in your sign until August, a once-every-12-years event that puts the spotlight right on you. This could be one of your most exciting eras yet! Your star is on the rise, and you're in hot demand with friends and followers. If you're ready for a reinvention tour, the sold-out stadium is calling your name. Got a creative talent? Take it seriously—sign up for lessons, hone your skills with a coach or mentor. Romance-aholic Leos are in love with love, but this year is more about focusing on yourself and your own dreams. It's okay to be a little "selfish," Leo.

    Birthdate: August 23-September 23
    Symbol: the Virgin
    Color: Grey, White
    Element: Earth
    Stone: Sapphire
    Traits: compassionate, caring, thoughtful, reflective, kind-hearted
    Virgos love to help and support everyone, but are you putting yourself last? It might be time to give your friends list a makeover, especially if it's filled with people who take more than they give, or fun but unreliable types. 2015 is a year of transitions and you need supportive mates by your side. Your imagination is on fire, so dive into music, art, dance and all things spiritual—maybe this is the year that you get obsessed with astrology, flower essences or crystals. Explore your "woo" side, Virgo. Family and home can hit a few speed bumps. Virgos need personal space, and it could be hard to get your alone time. You may learn to be more independent from your family, or perhaps deal with a tricky roommate situation. 

    Birthdate: September 23-October 23
    Symbol: the Scales
    Color: Blue, Green
    Element: Air
    Stone: Opal
    Traits: Loving, gentle, kind, fair, romantic, charming
    Gather your crew! The people around you can open doors and shower you with luck in 2015. Make sure your inner circle is stocked with inspiring friends who are dreamers and doers. No offense meant to the perfectly nice "basic" types, but you don't want to be one of them. Connect with inspiring people who motivate you to stretch your horizons, too. Libras can be wishy-washy, but in 2015, learn to get to the point, and to say what you really mean. You might even wear or carry a piece of clear crystal quartz to help your mind stay sharp. Writing, blogging or sharing your message through a virtual platform could be inspiring hobbies or paths in the year ahead.

    Birthdate: October 23-November 22
    Symbol: the Scorpion
    Color: Red
    Element: Water
    Stone: Topaz
    Traits: resilient, powerful, intense, wise, passionate, purposeful
    Time for a new playlist, Scorpio. Delete those emo tracks you've had on auto-repeat for the past couple years and start rocking something more uptempo. Heavy Saturn just wrapped a two-year visit to your sign, which has taught you to be more independent and confident—but the lessons weren't always easy. You might have lost a friendship or gotten your heart a little broken. Now that you're free, it's time to soar! Keep your eye on a big goal or dream, and go boldly after what you want. Your relationship with your dad or an important guy could figure into 2015 events. This is also a year to get better with money. Instead of impulse shopping, save up for a bigger splurge of lasting quality.

    Birthdate: November 22-December 22
    Symbol: the Archer
    Color: Purple
    Element: Fire
    Ruling planet: Jupiter
    Stone: Turquoise, Amethyst
    Traits: optimistic, adventurous, generous, philosophical
    Get ready for Sagittarius 2.0! The next three years will bring a slow but steady reinvention. You might even try a whole new look, trading shabby for chic and sleek, or just reaching for accessories and clothes that are more polished than usual. Your spontaneous sign rebels against rules and schedules, but you might actually enjoy following a simpler routine, especially one that incorporates fitness. Meantime, 2015 has plenty of adventures, and possibly some opportunities to travel. Spin the globe, Sagittarius! Where in the world would you like to go? Whether it's a family vacation, a long road trip with friends or a cross-continental trek, your sign's natural wanderlust is seeking an outlet. Action and outdoor sports could become passions now, too.

    Birthdate: December 22-January 20
    Symbol: the Goat
    Color: Brown, Grey
    Element: Earth
    Stone: Garnet
    Traits: conservative, patient, determined, practical
    Something on your mind, Capricorn? In 2015, you could be quieter and more reflective than usual, as planets visit the more private zones of your chart. You're in the mood for more one-on-one interactions, and when it comes to friends or relationships, your motto is "quality over quantity." In fact, you might have to cut off a needy or draining person who's leaned too heavily on you. Your mystical side could come out full force, so check out books on energy healing, Reiki, aromatherapy, gemstones. You might even pop a few guided meditation tracks onto your playlist to help you stay calm and centered. If you've been wanting to learn a new creative skill (e.g., guitar lessons, digital video editing) or pursue a passion you'll have the focus to dive deep.

    Birthdate: January 20-February 18
    Symbol: the Water Bearer
    Color: Blue-green
    Element: Air
    Stone: Amethyst, Aquamarine
    Traits: strong-willed, smart, independent, friendly
    It's all about who you know in 2015! Relationships and friendships are the main event this year. Your sign already follows a "the more the merrier" policy, so you'll love the new and fascinating people who enter your sphere. Step into your own leadership, too; this is a year YOU could be recognized as an "influencer" among your tribe. If you've been struggling to find your path, or to figure out where you fit in, 2015 brings new clarity. In love, your heart could beat for someone wildly different from your usual "type." You could fall for someone from another culture or background, or meet a kindred spirit while traveling.

    Birthdate: February 18-March 20
    Symbol: the Fish
    Color: Purple, Sea-green
    Element: Water
    Stone: Bloodstone
    Traits: mysterious, talented, resilient, intuitive, imaginative 
    Your sign isn't always known for being large and in-charge, but in 2015, you might find your voice—and own it. The stars guide you in the direction of leadership. Who better to run the show than a compassionate Pisces? This year, you could get serious about your future, too, making better decisions or getting clearer about your values and priorities. Your health is a lucky area, so unroll that yoga mat or lace up your sneakers. You could get into cooking, crafting or living a more sustainable life. If anyone can make going "green" look glamorous, it's you, Pisces. You might even get into gardening, even if it's just a windowbox or a few cool plants. A pet could also bring magic to your life.

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