• UO Now Playing: UO Live in Austin

    From exclusive interviews, live performances, special collections and more, we’re celebrating music all month long. We talked to the bands and artists playing our upcoming UO Live in Austin shows about their musical beginnings and the places they’re headed next. Click here to read from our favorite musicians. 

    With our UO Live in Austin showcase just around the corner, we've collected some of our favorite tunes from the artist playing at Space 24 Twenty. 

    Vagabon - Infinite Worlds
    Singer/Songwriter Laetitia Tamko explores the intimate spaces of the self with bedroom DIY sounds and a sIubtle, new electronic polish. Her debut full-length is taking the music world by storm, give it a listen and you'll understand why. The songs explore her memories and personal history and are filled with visceral emotion that feels both utterly relatable and utterly her own. We can't wait to see her play in Austin. 

    Jay Som - Everybody Works
    We recently chatted with Jay Som about her debut album, which is getting rave reviews. Recorded on her own in her new apartment,  the ynamic full length is filled with hooks and texture alike. Don't sleep on it. 

    Duckwrth - I'M UUGLY 
    California hip-hop artist Duckwrth has no shortage of energy. From his searing live performances to his bouncy and soulful album tracks, he's known to light up a room and get folks moving. Check out tracks from his latest, I'M UUGLY ahead of his performance.

    See all of the bands from the playlist this month at UO Space 24 Twenty for UO Live in Austin. Click here for more schedules and information.