• UO Music Video Series: Petite Noir

    Last month, Petite Noir released his debut full-length album La Vie Est Belle / Life Is Beautiful, and with it ushered in of a new genre of sleek, stylistic uptempo pop music he's dubbed "Noirwave."

    Now that we've been able to wrap our heads around what Noirwave sounds like, it's time to see what it looks like. For the 23rd installment of our UO Music Video Series, video director and documentarian Alan Del Rio Ortiz envisioned an alternate universe for Yannick Ilunga (aka Petite Noir) and made it so in his video for "La Vie Est Belle / Life Is Beautiful" featuring Baloji. 

    "The overall concept is of him falling into a virtual reality world where he meets his virtual self. It has to do with thoughts on reality and what we perceive versus what actually exists," Alan told us about his inspiration behind the video. In terms of the idea to go green: "I thought about doing something with graphics so we could create this more abstract world. It was really exciting to jump into [green screen] filmmaking, and I just tried to figure out a way to bring that out in an interesting way that hadn’t quite been done by him or by me."

    Yannick's creative director Rochelle Nembhard partnered with Del Rio Ortiz, conceptualizing the imagery and stylistic direction for the video, as she's done for previous Petite Noir videos, including "Best" and "The Fall."

    Check out the video in its entirety and scroll through our behind-the-scenes photos from the Brooklyn-based shoot below. To learn more about the artists behind collaboration, read our interviews with Petite Noir and Alan Del Rio Ortiz
    Photos by Jono Bernstein