• About A Band: Raury

    Raury is an 18-year-old performer from Atlanta, GA, and even though he just graduated from high school last month, he'll soon be supporting Outkast (along with Childish Gambino and Kid Cudi) at their sold out #ATLast festival this September. We've been hearing the buzz about Raury for some time now, so this Friday, June 27, Raury will be performing at our Atlanta, GA location. We caught him on the phone last month right before his graduation to find out a little bit more about what he plans to do this summer and just how he's going to take over Atlanta.

    Hi Raury! Thanks for talking to us.
    No problem. Nice to meet you, Katie.

    Nice to meet you too. How’s everything going?
    I’m graduating today!

    Oh, today?!
    Yeah, I have to be at the center around 4pm.

    Oh my god, well thanks for doing this interview. And congratulations on graduating!
    Yeah, for sure. It feels so good to be free.

    Do you have any plans for the summer yet?
    Oh, yeah. To take over Atlanta. [Laughs] Those are my plans.

    So you must be pretty happy to be done with school now.
    Yeah, I guess a lot of people are pretty excited to be done, like [excited voice], “I’m graduating, I’m graduating!” But I’m just so ready to get it over with and go away. I don’t feel that excitement. Maybe it’ll hit me when I’m in there, but right now I’m just like, “Get me out of here!”

    Are you planning to move out of Atlanta or do you want to stick around?
    I have unfinished business here. There’s a lot to be done before I can just up and leave. I’d like to be here and then leave from time to time, like business trips or working with other people. I feel like I need to take over the city before I leave it. [Laughs]

    We saw online that you’ve been going on an “Anti-Tour” and played outside a Childish Gambino show recently.
    Yeah, yeah.

    Do you have plans to keep doing that?
    Okay, I’m going to tell you a secret but you can’t tell anybody. I can’t even say it too loud because my mom’s in the other room and she doesn’t know either. But you know how I’m graduating today? Guess what’s about to happen? [Laughs] A lot of kids like the song and I didn’t perform at the talent show, so they’re pissed off at me. They’re about to get their performance. [Laughs]

    Have you ever gotten in real trouble for one of those performances?
    Nah, I’m too fast to get in trouble. [Laughs]

    Do you ever play venues in Atlanta?
    Actually, my first "real" show at a venue is going to be June 10th.

    Footage from Raury's first "real" live show, Raurfest, June 2014

    When does your EP Indigo Child finally come out?
    I'm thinking late summer. Be on the lookout for it August through September!

    Do most people find you through the internet or do you have a good fanbase in Atlanta that's spreading your stuff?
    Well, in my high school I've always been really well-known for doing music. Like I started a music club and directed the talent show so I have a lot of people that believe in me and the things I do. For the past two years my management and I have just been building up one hell of a network. Getting to know the right people and starting the right relationships, you know? Now that it's time for me to release something and they know what the music is, they really champion it. They really love the music.

    When did you start getting super serious with your music?
    I knew that music was what I wanted to do with the rest of my life when I was 14. I was a young kid and was like, "What can I do to get rich and get the girls?" [Laughs] I've always been doing things, I've always been musically inclined. And I tried other things, like I ran track and football, but at the end of the day I wrote my first song when I was 3, looking up to Michael Jackson and all that, so by the time I was 14 I quit playing football and really tried figuring out every way I could get involved musically with the school. Just putting myself out there. Throughout that, I just got to meet the right people and get into a position where I'm doing the things I'm doing now.

    Who have you been listening to lately?
    I've been listening to PARTYNEXTDOOR. Also digging deeper into some older stuff lately. I've been retrograding with my music. Like Stevie Wonder and Prince. I just downloaded Nirvana's Nevermind album. I'm always listening to Kid Cudi, I'm never not listening to Kid Cudi. I'm never not listening to Justin Vernon.

    What are you excited for this year?
    To see how the world reacts to the Indigo Child project. I feel like it's not just gonna be a collection of music. It's not just an EP or a mixtape or anything like that. It's a movement and a project within itself. The videos and interviews, everything down to the shows I do, they inspire this new wave in music. There's a lot of cool, different types of kids in my city, not to mention the rest of the world, that are young and overlooked. Throughout this project it'll just bring awareness to these young, advanced kids of the internet age. Kinda wake the world up about that.

    See Raury perform live on June 27 at our Atlanta store (1061 Ponce DeLeon Ave. NE)!