• UO Music Interview Series: Empress Of

    When Lorely Rodriguez was tasked with coming up with a name for her synth-pop project, she thought back on a hazy night, sitting on her friend’s floor at 3 in the morning as he read her tarot cards. “One of the first cards he pulled was the Empress. I wanted to call myself Empress, because of that whole experience, but being a woman and being called Empress as an artist... it’s just too cocky,” she told us. Which is how she settled on the name Empress Of

    We had the opportunity to spend a day in New York City with Lorely, and figured we’d recreate that experience—only a little different this time. We enlisted in the help of holographic healer and reader Lindsey Mack, who set up shop at Maha Rose Center for Healing in Greenpoint and gave Lorely a quick—but thorough—tarot card reading hot off of the 25-year-old’s first world tour. 

    Watch the video below, where the “Icon” singer learns about the importance of self-care—which, pretty coincidentally, was a fundamental concept behind her debut album, Me