• UO Mixtape: Volume 6

    There’s arguably no better place to listen to a cassette tape than in your beat-up-but-never-gonna-get-rid-of-it ’87 Volvo (or whatever old school vehicle you get behind the wheel in), an hour into an epic summer road trip. So to celebrate the release of UO Mixtape: Volume 6, we asked a handful of the featured bands to share with us their driving wisdom, from what they’ve learned from endless touring to the songs that keep them awake even if they’ve been driving for hours.

    Read on to get their tips, and then enter to win one of the 250 limited edition cassette mixtapes on the Urban Outfitters Men’s Instagram. No cassette deck in your car? Don’t worry, we’ve got the entire playlist available to stream below.

    Keath Mead
    Best road trip: My best road trips have been along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Those roads are fun to drive on, and the views are amazing.
    Driving wisdom: Time-lapse videos of road trips are never as cool as you think they’re gonna be.
    All-time favorite road trip song: “Impossible Germany” by Wilco.

    The Holydrug Couple
    Best road trip: There're a lot of great road trips that I remember, some with my family or with the guys touring US or Europe. But the last that I remember was with my girlfriend travelling in the south of Chile, camping in unbelievable places, taking photographs of prehistoric trees called Araucarias and swimming in Cordillera lakes.
    Driving wisdom: One, good music. Two, blank mind. And three, focus in the ultimate dot in the horizon—it’s the best type of meditation method for being on the road.
    All-time favorite road trip song: “Sultans of Swing” by Dire Straits. I remember listening to it when I was a kid on my parents’ radio in some vacation trip, and of course I keep listening to it in current 21st century road trips. When I play it I always picture myself driving in a wide horizon desert-like landscape with my left arm waving with the wind.

    Best road trip: When we were kids we did a family trip to Sunriver, Oregon. It was an amazing place, like a little utopia. I remember the bike trails, volcanoes, and a store that sold fudge.
    Driving wisdom: Rotate drivers every three hours. Even if you think you can drive more…three hours and switch.
    All-time favorite road trip song: It's fun to play "California" by Phantom Planet, once you've crossed the border back to Cali.

    Night Beds
    Best road trip: A 2012 trip with girlfriend at the time from Nashville, Tennessee to Colorado. We stayed in gnarly motels and acted like goons for three days. 
    Driving wisdom: Stay open and present, stretch every few hours, listen all the way through tons of records, and smoke weed (optional).
    All-time favorite road trip song: All-time is tough. Currently it's “By My Side” by Great Good Fine OK, or “Two of Us” by The Beatles.

    No Joy
    Best road trip: Road trip beer pong was pretty good because it brought back DJ Qualls—but only for a second. 
    Driving wisdom: Keep a lot of secrets. Keep calm and carry on. Namaste. 
    All-time favorite road trip song: “Low Rider”, “Mambo No. 5,” or top 40-let's-see-what's-happening.

    Best road trip: About two years ago we drove down to North Carolina to do some tracking for our second album, Stranger Things. A recording guru and friend of ours, Jeremy Snyder, was helping us record at his place called The Septopus. It was a binge of a time from start to finish. We borrowed a mini van and piled in and I just remember ripping through the Blue Mountains during sunset while everyone was dead asleep in the back. We spent the first couple of hours trying to make the tape adapter work so we could rip the iPod and I just remember when we finally succeeded, we all let out this primal scream. When we got there, we hit the ground running—just recorded around the clock and had a blast in that environment with all these ideas and gear at our disposal. The trip was fun as hell.
    Driving wisdom: Don't wait for a toll sign to start searching for change [James]. Bring baby wipes—and a toothbrush [Jeff].
    All-time favorite road trip song: "Two Of Us" or "And Your Bird Can Sing" by The Beatles [James], and "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" by Jimi Hendrix [Jeff].

    Dave DK
    Best road trip: I’ve made a couple of road trips in Latin and South America. One of the most exciting trips was the one from Guatemala to Costa Rica by car with my brother. Crossing all those small countries connecting North and South America with their unique history and nature gave us an enormous insight into Central America. You can find delicious food and fantastic people everywhere, though the social gap between these countries is immense. We were crossing jungle rivers, mountains, and borders by car—when we weren’t surfing at the most beautiful beaches. 
    Driving wisdom: If you travel with respect to people and nature, you have nothing to fear. It’s helpful though to use your common sense at times to avoid any uncomfortable situations.
    All-time favorite road trip song: If I have to choose one song it would probably be “Someone Like You” by New Order.

    The New Division
    Best road trip: Probably our band's last tour from Los Angeles up to Seattle. Our van broke down near Portland around 5 o’clock in the morning, but the whole trip was filled with a lot of laughs and memories.
    Driving wisdom: Don't try to keep rotating everyone to keep driving unless it’s really necessary to make it somewhere in time—at times it’s better to just get a hotel somewhere and sleep.
    All-time favorite road trip song: “I Drive A Lot” by Starflyer 59.