• UO Look of the Week: Lia Brennan

    Here's our favorite look of the week: Lia Brennan's flowy dress paired with some classic Chucks to complete her feminine yet still totally rad style.

    Introduce yourself!

    My name is Lia Brennan. I am the creative department assistant operations manager. I enjoy photocopying, weaving, getting wasted and secretly hating everyone.

    What are you wearing today?
    Tassel keychain by Julia Koral
    Dress by Free People
    Converse Sneakers from Urban Outfitters
    Ring by Linda Smyth
    Oakley sunglasses

    What do you listen to while getting ready for work?
    I mostly listen to my screaming neighbor, my sleep-talking bf and my bunnies.

    If you were going away for the weekend, what would you pack?
    This question is hard. Yarn, knitting shit I guess. I don’t ever go anywhere rly.

    We love the dress/converse combo. Why did you choose that pairing and why do you think it's so classically cool?
    I chose these shoes because Dan Gneiding wears chucks and he is my style icon.

    Where can we find you on the web?