• UO Look of the Week: Brian DeYong

    Here's our favorite look of the week:  Our Display Director Brian has traveled everywhere from Walmart to Paris, but our favorite piece of this look is his panda patch! 

    Hi Brian! What do you do at UO?

    I am the Display Director yo!!! Basically, I get yelled at by every creative person out there who thinks all Urban does is steal their ideas. Frankly there is nothing new under the sun and we have probably been doing it longer than they have. I guess that is just part of working for "The Man." UO is an easy target.

    What are you wearing?
    Haha, you kind of caught me on a good day. I am going to sound so well travelled!!! I am wearing a black hat from WalMart, a Henrik Vibskov button up, a vintage Oakland Athletics tee I found in San Fran, Black Levis 510s, USA sock from DC, and oxblood MOMA boots from Merci in Paris (I love that store).

    We love your panda patch. Do you have a collection? If not, do you collect or wear a lot of any other clothing accessories?
    Uhmmm, not typically an accessory kind of guy. I'm usually pretty stripped down and generic. I have to give Jesse Medlin (a Senior Display Coordinator in NYC) a shout out for getting me into the flair game. We went to this giant flea market/thrift store in Maryland and I found a rad old Caboodle so I filled it with cheap pins from the same spot, since then I have been stocking up on quirky patches and the like. I will probably end up giving them all away in a few months—nothing lasts.

    Tell us a funny or sentimental story behind a piece of clothing you own.
    Lets see, about five years ago Julia Koral (Manager of Display Design) gave me a sweatshirt with a really bonkers techy/African print on it. I was in Berlin a few years back and let a cute friend of a friend borrow it after a long night of hanging (it was chilly in the early morning). I didn't see her again during the trip and thought the sweatshirt was all but lost. Last year I met up with my friend Chris in New York (he was visiting from Berlin) and he had rescued the sweatshirt and returned it to me. I have probably only worn it like three times ever but I really like that I have it.

    You travel a lot, which I'm sure leads to shopping in a lot of strange places. In your opinion, where is the best shopping city/town in the USA?
    I guess its all about what you are into. Some of the weirdest, smallest cities have the best thrifting and generally rad shit, New York has essentially any designer you are looking for, but I have found the mid-sized cities like Austin, Minneapolis, San Fran, etc. have a lot of personality and great vintage without much pretense.

    Where can we find you on the web?