• UO Journal Issue 2

    Urban Outfitters is proud to present Urban Outfitters Journal issue 2, the next in a series of print publications that represent the culture and stories behind the UO Men’s Brand, coming soon to select UO Stores and online. 

    As spring arrives, Urban Outfitters Journal Issue 2 sets its sights on the City of Angels. Los Angeles, the genesis of West Coast cool, where scrappy skaters revolutionized the art of movement, where freethinking artists and designers create diverse and colorful works inspired by the sunlight and the unmistakable ambience of downtown. It’s a city of traffic, where the automobile becomes a home away from home and the food truck becomes a kitchen away from the kitchen. It’s a city of renewal, refreshed constantly by Angelenos who are always renewing themselves, by those drawn in by the magnetism of its hills, its lights, and the possibility that anything can happen when you’re in Los Angeles.

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    Just Be Pink
    We talked to Los Angeles-based furniture maker Eric Trine on the artful balance between fun and function. 
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    It's Nature 
    Alex Gardner’s paintings depict lithe, shifting figures with pronounced joints, always charcoal in tone and faceless, set against richly-hued backgrounds. Within the frame, these figures often engage in touch: their limbs intertwine, they push or pull.
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    Burger Revolution 
    If you asked them yourself, founders Sean Borhman Lee Rickard would tell you  that, “Burger Records is a rock n roll philanthropic quasi-religious borderline-cultish propaganda spreading group of suburban perma-teen mutants!!!” Based in Fullerton, CA, Burger Records is a garage pop-leaning label and record shop that specializes in cassette releases, bookings, and supporting up-and-coming bands around the world. 
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    The Walls Inside My Head
    Los Angeles photographer Jerrod La Rue Baty has a knack for capturing the solitude of the urban landscape. With camera in hand, we sent him out into the city so that we could see Los Angeles through his eyes. 
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    Lead Image: A Break on the Concrete (No. 52), 1970s chromogenic print
    © Hugh Holland, Courtesy M+B Gallery, Los Angeles

    The Wild Boys
    Talking with skate photo legend Hugh Holland about the birth of skate photography
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    Skating Makes Me Smile
    At 19 years old, skater Olan Prenatt represents the next generation of Los Angeles skateboarding. We talked with Olan about growing up in venice Beach, and what makes the City of Angels such a great place to skate. 
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    El Lonchera
    Welcome to Los Angeles, California, the birthplace of the “lonchera,” more commonly referred to as the “taco food truck.” This beautiful word is an example of the complex mix between both the English and Spanish speaking cultures that drives the culinary environment in L.A. Though it directly translates to “a place to eat lunch,” the true meaning of “lonchera” is both deeper and more familiar.
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    Them Jeans' Guide to L.A. Eats
    Jason Stewart (also known as Them Jeans) has a particular knack for melody and for playing the right song at the perfect moment. So it makes sense that a guy with such discerning auditory taste would be just as discerning when it comes to food. We joined Them Jeans on a tour through the L.A. culinary scene to get the lowdown on some of his favorite spots around the city.
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    Artist Editions
    Designed exclusively for Urban Outfitters, Artist Editions is an ongoing series of limited edition graphic t-shirts created by a rotating roster of artists from around the globe. With monthly drops featuring the latest styles alongside collectable pins and patches, Artist Editions serves as a one-stop shop for highly collectable graphics-based goods. 

    Artist Editions: cleofus X UO
    Cleofus is a Colombian-born, New York-based artist and self-taught graphic designer. He studied fine arts at the Conservatory of Art in SUNY Purchase. Since the late ‘90s, through the use of traditional and digital media, his work has explored a critical view of social and cultural issues. His recent work can be viewed under the monikers Polito Vega and No Way Jose—both are especially gaining popularity via social media.
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    Artist Editions: Dale Dreiling X UO
    Dale Dreiling is a painter, illustrator, sculptor, pin maker and graphic artist. His inspiration comes from Expressionism along with Pop, Funk and Punk Art movements. He’s an art director for Studio Number One and co-founder and creative director for Last Call Co., and works between Ventura and Los Angeles, CA. 
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    Joe Flores is a Chicago-style graphic designer with a BFA in art and design. Through his illustration imprint, Pizza Press, Joe slings pins, patches, pennants, and other collectable goods inspired by pop culture, skate, and bootleg design. 
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    Artist Editions: Jeremy Dean X UO
    Jeremy Dean is a Philadelphia area artist and designer. He runs a small t-shirt project called DES, and is best known for his “Wonders of Black Flag” t-shirts, a mashup of iconography that explores the cultural crossover between Black Flag and the Grateful Dead. He also makes zines under the name The Hardcore Archaeologist. 
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    Artist Editions: Josh Balick X UO 
    Raised in Wilmington, Delaware and influenced by the urban street culture of Philadelphia, Josh Balick’s work is known to pay homage to past and present-day pop culture, punk rock ethos, and the youth culture at large. This personal exploration of influences and experiences ultimately inspired Josh to create his own company, Propaganda & Propaganda Accessories, that currently serves as an outlet to produce limited edition goods for the contemporary youth culture of today.
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    Artist Editions: S. Bradley Askew X UO 
    Born in 1980, S. Bradley Askew is an American graphic designer and artist living in New York. For more than 15 years, his work has evolved around the concept of happiness or its perceived notions. 
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    US@UO: Art / Work 
    It is often the case that UO team members are artists first and UO employees second. From furniture design to weekly collage exercises to music recording and custom carpentry, we talked to four creatives about the work they make outside of work.
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    Pin Freaks
    A sharp look at seven brands behind the revival of designer pin culture With designs that range from vintage styles to modern pop culture themes, Internet memes, and quirky quotes, we talked to seven brands from cities coast to coast about their designs and their holy grails of pin collecting.
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