• UO Interviews: Tre Samuels

    Trè Samuels is an accomplished model and musician … and happens to only be 17 years old. This month, on the heels of the release of his latest EP “Raspberry Wine,” we hung out with Trè to discuss what’s inspiring him right now — and what’s next.

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    What are some of your early memories involving music? What were you listening to growing up that’s had the most impact on you now?
    I just remember being a little one, running around the house while Mum and Dad played D'Angelo, Usher, Ja Rule & Ashanti, Marvin Gaye... they always kept artists like this on rotation... they raised me on that real real! Ha!

    I still go back and listen to these dudes for some inspiration. Today, the nostalgic feeling that music gives me helps me lock into parts of myself as a writer; I'm able to really knuckle down on memories and feelings. 

    To me, that's what music is about! It's a feeling... and as a creator I have to constantly be inspired to want to create. Their talent as creators really helps me with that. I never want to stop working... I'm tying to be on their level.

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    When did you start performing?
    It all started when I met Candice Monique at a family friend's birthday BBQ. I found out that she was a well respected singer in our music scene out in Melbourne, so I told her I started a YouTube channel where I post covers. She checked them out a few days later, hitting me up to perform with her for an Australian Day event. The rest is history. I was 11 years old at that time. 

    I also wrote my first single 'Man I Wanna Be' back in 2012 with Candice. She will definitely always be an important person to me and my career.

    Talk to us about the concepts, themes,  ideas at the center of “Raspberry Wine."
    It's really a project of love songs, a beautiful mix of slow and upbeat tempos, inspired by the sounds of the 70s, 80s, and 90s...

    It is also really inspired by my favorite movies, and soundtracks, and my favorite harmony pieces from others songs... anything that makes me feel something, whether it has affected me negatively or positively. It's all added into my music. What I make is what I feel. 

    What is inspiring you right now?
    Everything that is currently going on in my life is inspiring me... work, family, my first love.. tapping into emotions I've never felt before. Having to be that little more independent in life and relying on my heart and feelings before I let anyone else do it for me. 

    I keep quiet most of the time so I can sit back and observe everything around me. I pay attention to detail... I think that's why I'm so attached to music.. because that is how I express what I hold in most of the time. 

    I'm also inspired by Paulo Coehlo, Friedrich Nietzsche, and a whole bunch of poetry. 
    The Alchemist by Coelho will always inspire me... it will forever be one of my favorite books. I feel as though the industries I'm in constantly rely on alchemy and that whole process... turning the basics, the beginnings, into something more colorful and beautiful. 

    It's easy to take things for granted. And when work starts to feel stagnant, it can really play on your mind. But that book reminds me that when one door closes another opens. That omens are real. And that what we are searching for is close by, we just need to keep grinding and searching, and in that process not only will you find what you were looking for, but you will also find yourself. 

    Describe a dream project or a personal goal for your career.
    I want to create an EP with James Fauntleroy. A 6 song project. James has been inspiring me musically for so many years now. Melodically and lyrically he is a genius. He uses chords and concepts that most people could never think of... so I look up to him as a writer and composer. 

    When it comes to personal goals I have many. I always just want to be outdoing what I have done before... constant growth. I'm always focusing on becoming a better writer, better vocalist, have a better eye for visuals... we can always grow no matter what level we are currently on. As long as that's always the focus then I think any goal is possible to achieve.

    What’s next for you?
    More music. 
    More collaborations. 
    New projects. I'm just trying to make as many moves as I can. But at the same time want to make sure it's organic and not forced. Because I've never forced any of this... I just go with the flow, grind, and hope that what I'm doing is taking me in the right direction. 

    So what's next is what I've always been doing. And that's putting in work! 

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