• UO Interviews: Theo Martins of Cereal & Such

    LA-based Theo Martins is an entrepreneur, musician and all-around creative — we met up with him at Cereal and Such, one of his latest creative endeavors, to discuss all his new projects, including the upcoming podcast he’s hosting at Space 15 Twenty featuring Bobby Hundreds.
    Photos by Duy Nguyen

    Hi Theo! Can you tell us more about who you are and what you do?
    My name is Theo Martins. I am a first generation Nigerian-American musician, actor and designer. Founder of Good Posture, a multimedia company, along with Cereal & such — a cereal bar in Los Angeles. I’ve been doing what i’ve been doing since infancy, it’s all began to grow into a ecosystem of sorts within the last 4 years, after a trip to London.

    You have your hands in a lot of different creative projects — what’s on the front burner for you currently?
    Music, generally. As an Artist it’s been a challenge to allow my other gifts to take shape but it’s allowed me to create a world of my own in which i can express myself without compromise.

    Can you share more about your podcast series?
    Cereal & such is a Cereal bar & Podcast that is centered around discussion of music, taste & culture over a bowl of cereal. Think of it like hanging with your friends in your living room enjoying good talk over cereal. Just like that.

    I know most of it is going to stay under wraps until the event, but can you share anything + any hints at what attendees can expect from your Live podcast at Space 15 Twenty with Bobby Hundreds?
    Anwar Carrots, friends and family of The Hundreds, Blue The Great along with some musical friends of ours. We’ve got bowls of cereal served courtesy of Cereal & such, comfy couches, and some custom items for attendees. I’m looking forward to connecting with everyone.

    How did the idea for Cereal Bar start? Can you share more about what the space is?
    What initially was a desire for office space became a communal space for myself and my community. I’ve longed to have a home where i can express my works in the capacity i feel it is deserved and I realized I had to create that for myself and for others. Plus, I love Cereal. Too easy.

    What upcoming events/pop-ups will you have in the space?
    We’ll be introducing, “Cereal at Night” our monthly social hour where we serve cereal at night and screen our favorite films. My multimedia company, Good Posture will be hosting a release event for an album I will be releasing with Producer Thelonious Martin titled, TM. Anwar Carrots will be releasing a Collection with us as well. Lots of fun this Summer.

    You’ve mentioned that the space is an homage in part to Japan. Can you share more about this (especially as it relates to the choice to have such a simple, dedicated space)?
    Our decision was to keep the menu to 3 items: Cereal, Tea, Coffee - nothing more, nothing less. Often times there is this desire to do everything for everyone and I’m happy to be able to know my boundaries. It’s an acknowledgment of self and of restraint. I love that my experiences in Japan are always reminded of that. I don’t need much to get my point across. 

    Favorite cereal of all time?
    Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

    Most underrated cereal?
    Multi Grain Cheerios. It’s an incredible cereal with subtle sweetness.

    What’s an unexpected combo of cereal that you love? 
    Adding Raisin Brain into any cereal, it makes it fun but healthy. I love it but my friends hate it.

    Learn more about the event on the Space 15 Twenty website