• UO Interviews: The Class of 2017

    With eyes ahead to the new year, we brought together the fresh new faces that are challenging the status quo. Artists, activists, musicians, and writers, our Class of 2017 is forging the path ahead with hope and optimism. Scroll on to see the campaign and meet the Class of 2017. 

    Adele Thibodeaux
    Writer and Waitress
    Writer Adele Thibodeaux talks us through her busy life waitressing day and night shifts, finding time to write, working through her latest collection of work, and finding truth in simple stories. 
    Read our interview with Adele

    Alton Mason
    Model, Dancer, Singer, Actor
    Alton Mason practically beams when he talks about the things he loves to do. Whether he’s modeling, dancing in the latest Blood Orange music video, or singing a song that he just wrote himself, he’s focused on progress, not just for himself, but for his generation. 
    Read our interview with Alton 

    Anajah Hamilton
    Curator, Actor, Singer
    Versed in the art of speech and debate, 19 year old Anajah Hamilton uses her voice to amplify marginalized voices around her. We talked to Anajah about her work as a curator for Art Hoe Collective, her forthcoming music release, and her hopes for 2017. 
    Read our interview with Anajah

    Ava Nirui
    Writer, Photographer, Bootleg Artist
    Sydney-born photographer, writer, and artist Ava Nirui  repurposes luxury and designer packaging to create arresting works of fashion that explore the blurred lines between bootleg and authentic. 
    Read our interview with Ava 

    Barbie Ferreira 
    Model, Actress
    Barbie Ferreira is changing the way the world think about models. The outspoken 20 year old champions inclusion and representation for all— regardless of body type. We talked to Barbie about what it means to make an impact and her goals for the coming year. 
    Read our interview with Barbie

    Hari Nef
    Actress, Model, Writer
    After a stellar 2016, actress and model Hari Nef is ready to work on her own terms. We chatted with Hari about the importance of storytelling, why she’s leaving the “activist” qualifier behind, and how she’s staying balanced in the new year. 
    Read our interview with Hari 

    Logan Jackson
    Photographic Artist
    Logan Jackson is a photographic artist who captures surreal moments with a painterly eye. After honing his practice in Arkansas, he found a community of like minds on the internet that encouraged him to pursue his artistic life in New York. 
    Read our interview with Logan

    Sage Adams
    Artist, Curator, Activist
    Sage Adams can’t seem to settle. The 19 year old creative and activist curates writing and poetry for Art Hoe Collective, makes art across mediums, writes for publications like Fader and Nylon, and dabbles in creative management, but still can’t decide what they want to do with their life. With a list of accomplishments like that, maybe that’s a good thing? 
    Read our interview with Sage

    Samia Hampstead
    Student, Model, Sister
    “Pay attention to the world around you, to the people around you,” advises Samia Hampstead. The 21 year old student and model tells us about her hopes for the world in 2017. 
    Read out interview with Samia

    Stav Strashko
    Model, Actress 
    We sat down Israeli model and actress Stav Strashko to chat about her turn into acting, her expressive childhood, and her backup plan to become a fashion designer. 
    Read our interview with Stav

    Tommy Genesis
    Rapper, Artist
    Rapper and artist Tommy Genesis tells us the story behind her forthcoming album, her writing process that fluctuates from freestyle to meticulous song craft, and why it’s important to your friends close. 
    Read our interview with Tommy

    Sammy Burgess
    “One way to spread love is to love yourself first.” NYC producer Sammy Burgess shows us how to keep a positive mindset and his plans to take care of his community in the coming years.
    Read our interview with Sammy 

    Javan Lessane
    Musician, Skateboarder
    Javen Lessane has big plans for the next year: releasing his first album, “Wasted Youth”, traveling the world for photoshoots, and putting out his next skate video feature. We chatted with the Philadelphia virtuoso to see where he came from and to take a look at where he’s headed. 

    Elizabeth Hopkins
    Gallerist, Curator
    Gallerist Elizabeth Hopkins works on the business side or art helping queer artists find their place in what was once a homogenous market. She told us about her appreciation for art as material object, why it’s more important than ever for queer artists to infiltrate the popular. 
    Read our interview with Elizabeth

    Manon Macasaet 
    Student, Model, Cool Girl
    Manon Macasaet is literally a part of the class of 2017. The up-and-coming model and creative breaks down influential style, which gives a nod to the tried and true streetwear staples of the past, and tells us about her lofty goals for her upcoming gap year. 
    Read our interview with Manon 

    Genesis Vega
    Petite model
    Genesis Vega always dreamt of being a model. Now that she’s living out her dream she’s using her platform to call for change, for representation for all body types and ethnicities. We chatted with Genesis about her hopes for 2017 and how her positive mindset helps her push forward. 
    Read our interview with Genesis

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