• UO Studio Visits: Spellbound Sky

    Spellbound Sky is a great crystal shop tucked away on a street off of Santa Monica Blvd. in Silver Lake, CA. Founded by Mark Phillips and Martin Anguiano, Spellbound Sky is one of Los Angeles' best kept secrets. The shop offers an incredible selection of crystals, candles, oils and other magical trinkets as well as a meditation every Wednesday that's open to the public. Mark and Martin have an incredible knowledge of the world of the metaphysical, and love to share their wisdom with their customers in their cozy Silver Lake space.

    Spellbound Sky's beautiful crystal specimens, candles and essential oils can be found in various UO stores across the country, and starting November 14, Spellbound Sky will also be available at a pop-up shop at Space 15 Twenty. We talked to Mark and Martin about how they started their business, and, of course, their mutual love for the crystal queen, Stevie Nicks.
    Photos by Maddie Sensibile

    Hi guys! Tell us a little bit about how and why you started Spellbound Sky.

    We both started as designers from the fashion industry, so our original concept was to open a enchanted space that mixed crystals and our other mystical passions with the creative realm. We think our clients appreciate that the Spellbound Sky experience is not conforming to what a metaphysical brand should be. We cater to people who celebrate creativity and individuality like we do, but also want to take their spiritual path to the next level.

    How did you start working with magical crystals? 
    Of course the initial attraction to crystals was their awe-inspiring beauty that is such a celebration of nature and transcendent energy. Shortly after, we discovered the healing properties and magical elements each crystal possessed, and soon they became the perfect talismans to create awareness and abundance in our lives.

    What's your main goal at Spellbound Sky when it comes to your business?
    We show up to work everyday in order to share rituals that empower, heal, and liberate. Our goal is to inspire people to manifest their own reality and encourage everyone to really embrace the energy of unlimited possibilities!

    Where is your favorite place to shop for crystals?

    We are beyond blessed to have great relationships with so many crystal resources around the world.  The majority of our assortment is hand picked by us. Crystal shopping is one of the most exciting aspects of owning our business...talk about a fantasy job!

    In general, what are the key crystals that everyone should keep on hand?
    All crystals are healers and teachers so it's hard to narrow it down to just the essentials.  Our belief is that you have to use your own intuition to guide you to the ones that will work best for your personal journey, or benefit the recipient if it is a gift.

    What's your favorite mystical spot to go and meditate?
    The beach and the desert are perfect destinations to elevate any spiritual work, but it is important to create a space in your everyday life that allows you to connect to the Source. In other words, don't let the physical location stand in the way of your inner journey.

    Now, our final question, if you could spend a day with Stevie Nicks, what would you do?

    We actually have an eight hour Stevie mix that gets played at Spellbound Sky often, so in a way we do get to spend the day with her on a regular basis and we love it!

    Visit the Spellbound Sky holiday pop-up shop at Space 15 Twenty (1520 N Cahuenga Blvd.) starting this Friday, November 14, at 7pm!