• UO Interviews: Selah Marley

    She may be the daughter of Lauryn Hill (and the granddaughter of Bob Marley), but Selah Marley is stepping out on her own: learn more about what she's looking forward to and how she's giving back this holiday season

    Can you introduce yourself please? Tell us a bit more about who you are, where you’re from, and what you do?
    My name is Selah Marley and I'm from New Jersey, but I recently moved out to New York to study science and spirituality at NYU. I model, but I also love to create, whether that means writing, singing, or even painting — anything that allows me to express myself creatively. 

    What do you stand for? What is most important to you?
    I stand for Love. 

    If you could give one gift to anyone, what would you give (and to whom)?
    I would give the gift of Love to all creatures on this Earth... I feel like this world is lacking true love these days; there's so much greed, insecurity, and fear. I want to change it. I 
    want to spread love. 

    Small gestures: what are some small ways you show gratitude to the people in your life?
    When I want to show someone I love them, I either tell them, physically show my love for them, or do something practical for them...or all three!

    When do you feel like the best version of yourself
    I feel like the best version of myself when I can freely express myself and share my truth with others. Oh, also when my hair and eyebrows are on point — yes! 

    What else is on your gratitude list right now: what are five things you’re feeling particularly appreciative of?
    I'm appreciative of my mom, my family, LIFE, the opportunities I receive, and my independence. 

    Words you live by?
    Follow your Heart

    What are five other things you are currently really interested in?
    I'm very interested in astronomy, spirituality, my artistic side, my classes in school (lol), and always looking for a new, cool way to style myself!

    What are you looking forward to?
    I'm really just looking forward to life, although it sounds cliché. I feel like new opportunities unfold in front of my eyes everyday that I can't even predict. I'm excited for everything that is on my path... I'm not sure what will happen, but it feels good. I'm really ready to start pursuing my artistic career and let that side of myself shine through because it's something I've kept hidden for a very long time. 

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