• UO Interviews: Passerbuys

    This month, we’re excited to team up with Passerbuys — a website made to showcase the raw, un-curated and effortless beauty of women — on a co-hosted panel discussion on forging a creative life after college. Leading up to the event on January 11 at Brooklyn's Space Ninety 8, we stopped by the Passerbuys HQ to learn more from founder Clemence Poles about the mission, inspiration, and daily hustle behind it all.
    Photos by Kate Edwards

    Can you introduce yourself please: tell us more about who you both are, where you’re from, and what you do?
    I was born in the south of France and then moved to Dubai in the early 90s. I've moved around quite a lot, I've lived in Paris, studied in London, and then moved to NYC about four years ago to pursue comedy... happy, that didn't work out. I now work as as a digital content manager at a start-up called Splacer, and after hours I run Passerbuys.

    What are you working on right now: what projects are holding the most focus? 
    Right now, I'm working on a series of Passerbuys events. I think it's important for Passerbuys to also be an offline community where we are able to hook each other up with recommendations, be it a hidden gem or advice on how to get a job interview. 

    I'm particularly excited to be launching the What Now series, starting with the one we are co-hosting on January 11th, "I Graduated, What Now." All the panelists are people I've featured on the website and that ties heavily back into the concept of Passerbuys, that we are all experts in our own ways and that there is a lot to learn from one another. 

    What are you looking forward to in 2017? What are some of your goals for yourself and your work?
    I'm looking forward to meeting more badass women — I hope to launch Passerbuys in Paris and London so that I can hit up smaller, less conventional cities.

    What’s some advice or tips you’d suggest for young women looking to start their own creative project or branch out on their own work wise? What do you wish you’d known when you were first starting out?
    Personally I think that I would benefit from having more patience; we live in such a fast-paced world with short attention spans, and we expect instant gratification, especially when it comes to success or progress. Whatever project or work you've got going, I think it’s important to nurture it, no matter how long it takes for it to be fully realized.

    What are you most passionate about?
    Learning and absorbing the world around me. I love entering someone else's world, trying to understand their mindset and their vision. I can get utterly lost in it. With Passerbuys I have the pleasure of getting to meet these striking women I pass by on the street, mostly with no context, and I learn so much about their lives and their routines. It's weirdly cinematic to me.

    What does success mean to you?
    I think my definition of success has changed as I've gotten older. For example, right now, it's my ability to buy a home in New York City. Five years ago it was own the entire Criterion Collection on DVD. Okay maybe I still want that.

    What artists, ideas, places, or books are most exciting/inspiring to you right now?
    I'm really excited about Korean cinema and keep discovering all these incredible movies. I watched Sang-soo Hong's "Another Country" the other day and can't get over how incredible it was — of course it always helps when you cast Isabelle Huppert. Also, Lee Chang-dong, Chan-wook Park, and Sang-ho Yoon. Film aside, I'm still not over 'Mark Leckey: Containers and Their Drivers.' He is probably one of the few artists that still manages to excite me.

    What’s your mantra?
    "Focus on the pasta, not the basta."

    New York friends: come out for a conversation with Passerbuys and a group of other inspiring women next Wednesday, Jan 11 at Space Ninety 8 in Brooklyn. 

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