• UO Interviews: New Moon Wishing with Lauren Spencer King

    On January 1, many of us write down a long list of resolutions for the year ahead, only to forget them all by the time the first flowers start to bloom. But the new year isn’t the only time for making resolutions, changes, or setting intentions and goals: we get an opportunity to do this every month during the New Moon. We asked Lauren Spencer King—an LA-based artist and meditation teacher who writes and leads workshops on the new moon—to tell us more about the tradition and rituals that come with New Moon Wishing, and create a guide for how we can practice it ourselves.

    From Werewolf tales to Neil Young’s many lyrical lunar odes, the moon has had a long and powerful influence on us mythologically, culturally, and biologically. Almost every culture has some relationship to this sacred celestial satellite, and many ancient calendars begin with the New Moon. It is seen as a symbol of rebirth, making it the perfect opportunity to check in with yourself each month, set some intentions, and make some wishes. This lunar phase occurs when the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun, allowing us to see only its dark side. You can easily use the light of the Moon as a guide -- when it is New it is empty of light. With each moment, as it gathers and calls in more and more light, it invites us to align energetically with our desire to bring things into our life.

    The most important thing about New Moon Wishing is to follow your intuition, and do what feels right for you. There isn’t a right or wrong way to wish. This is created to inspire you to develop a ritual that is all your own. Trust yourself and your creativity to guide you.
    All drawings by Lauren Spencer King

    You want to begin with an energetically clean space. Burn some sage, sweetgrass, or Palo Santo wood. Make sure to give thanks to the elements as you are doing this, to the piece of nature you are burning, and the fire and smoke for helping you in this act of clearing. It is important to do each act with intention and gratitude. 

    This is where your creativity gets to shine. It is most ideal to do your wishing somewhere in nature, but if you're indoors it is ok. You can create a permanent altar in your home, or bring some items with you if you are out in nature. Wishing is based in the spirit realm, which is Male energy. Pairing this energy with elements of the physical world, from nature – Female energy – makes way for more powerful wishing. This is why using elements from Mother Nature is so important. You can get really creative and do your ritual near the ocean or simply have a bowl of water or a piece of coral with you to call in the energy of water. Think about how to incorporate all of the elements; have a candle burning for fire, a feather for air, some crystals or minerals for earth. Citrine, Pyrite and Clear or Rose Quartz are excellent for manifestation. You can incorporate flowers, meaningful objects, personal symbols, photos… anything you want! Just as long as each item holds the energy of something that is important to you, or something you wish to bring into your life. Ask that each object contribute its energy to this ritual.

    Before you begin your wishing, it is a good idea to release any energy that might get in the way. Sit comfortably, and with your eyes closed take some deep breaths. Ground your body by imagining roots growing down into the earth, releasing energy or unnecessary thoughts through this connection. You can think of the energy “recycling” back into the Earth. Imagine the Sun above you and breathe its energy down into your heart. Imagine the Moon below you and breathe its energy up into your heart. Breathe like this until you are ready.  

    You are allowed ten wishes, and they must be handwritten on paper. It is best to wish as close to the exact time of the New Moon as possible. Within the first 24 hours is good, but within the first 48 hours will do. You can make wishes about anything you desire to let go of or call into your life. When you wish let them be about you, keeping it personal. Wish from your heart. Pay close attention to the wording. Let your words capture the feeling of what you desire. The more specific you make each wish, the better. To create the most dramatic shifts you can focus your wishes on one or two particular areas of your life. You can also wish about the themes that are particular to that current New Moon, depending on which sign of the zodiac it is in. Let yourself wish from an open place—you might be surprised by what comes through. Just as handwriting your wishes makes them more powerful, sharing them with someone you trust will help feed them. 

    LET GO
    Imagine each wish as a seed you are planting. Some seeds may grow at different speeds, but nurture each one with attention and love. After you are done writing your list let it go! It is now out of your hands. Don’t hold onto the outcome with expectation, but hold each one as an intention, with the freedom to show up in your life how it is meant to. Trust. You can keep your list, read it again, file it away, bury it, or tie it to a rock and throw it in the ocean. You can close by giving thanks, making an offering to nature, singing a song, shedding some tears, doing a dance, letting out a yell… whatever feels right to you, but do it all with reverence and gratitude. 

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