• Room Refresh with Kat Mills

    This week we took a peek inside the LA home of Kat Mills - artist, wellness guru and founder of Wildstate - to talk about ways to renew your space for the New Year.

    Above: Knotted Washed Cotton Duvet Cover

    Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do!
    I’m a filmmaker, artist, and yogini. My intention is to create beauty and healing, whether it be through my work or sharing a cup of tea. In 2016, I created Wildstate, a wellness platform through which I offer private classes, workshops and retreats.

    What's your design philosophy?
    I enjoy the simplicity and functionality of zen living mixed with some bohemian warmth. Wabi sabi, perfectly imperfect. 

    Above: Tamed Wild Apothecary White Sage Incense Kit

    Above: Stevie Wood Bead Hanging Planter

    When refreshing your room, what were some of the important must-haves that you immediately needed?
    Palo santo, fresh sheets and a few layered rugs! My partner helped me hang these sweet planters from the ceiling, which opened up my space so much. We decided to use the Magical Thinking Safi wall hangings as gorgeous alternatives to curtains. Never underestimate the power of a new plant or textile!

    Favorite part about your bedroom.
    My altar. I often change the center figure, and make offerings of flowers and incense. Right now it’s a beautiful Quan Yin that was gifted to me; she symbolizes unconditional love, wisdom, and compassion.

    Above: Magical Thinking Safi Wall Hanging

    Do scents play a big role in your home? What are some of your go-tos?
    Yes! Sandalwood, aloeswood, and palo santo. Grounding and earthy. A floral candle once in awhile. I also adore fresh flowers or a sprig of eucalyptus.

    Any advice on cleansing rituals to bring good energy into the space?
    I recommend creating a space to meditate daily, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Burn some incense. Sit quietly with a cup of tea. Bring your full presence to your breath and body. Do something repeatedly, with intention and awareness, and it becomes ritual.

    I also enjoy setting an intention for my space. I consider not only how I want to feel in my space, but how I want others to feel as well. Your space and your mind are direct reflections, taking care of one begets taking care of the other.

    Above: Norden Essential Oil

    Tell us about your plants – any favorites that are easy to take care of?
    I have a bunch of succulents, so easy and beautiful. I just bought a fern and a philodendron aka “love tree”!

    Something you can't live without.

    Above: ZenBunni Holy Smoke Stick Incense

    Above: Woodlot Palo Santo Incense

    Can you share some of your top tips for decluttering a space?
    I take time every day to do something to clean my space, even if it’s simply wiping the counters. I truly find joy in the acts of cleaning and decluttering. This allows me to live in harmony and with reverence for my personal temple and material goods. Taking time to maintain my space daily is much less intimidating than having to deep clean once a month. I often donate things as a practice in letting go and giving to others. If you develop a loving relationship between your space and yourself, cleaning becomes a sacred act of devotion to your own well-being.

    Lastly, dream home – what would it look like!
    Zen witch! A Japanese-inspired home with laid-back California vibes. Tatami mats, linen, indigo textiles, Moroccan rugs. There would definitely be a huge soaking tub and a tea temple for morning meditation. A light-filled studio/workspace for me and my partner. You could hear the sound of running water nearby, surrounded by lots of trees.

    My dream home would be a space where people would come to reflect, listen to music, have inspiring conversations, sit in silence, maybe cry, or come up with a mind-blowing idea. They would leave feeling heart-centered and inspired.

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