• UO Interviews: Fernanda Ly

    How to give, how to keep perspective: discover how Australian model Fernanda Ly is celebrating this fall.

    Can you introduce yourself please? Tell us a bit more about who you are, where you’re from, and what you do?
    I am Fernanda Ly. My hair is pink, I speak with a slight Australian accent, have a resting sad/angry face, and enjoy looking at buildings. I was born in Sydney, Australia (ethnically Chinese), although I currently live in NYC. For the moment, I am a model.

    What do you stand for? What is most important to you?
    Self identity and dictating your own life story. I do not believe in having an other take control of what should be yours. We should all aim to continue improving ourselves.

    If you could give one gift to anyone, what would you give (and to whom)?
    Time, to my parents

    Small gestures: what are some small ways you show gratitude to the people in your life?
    I try my best to help my favorite people live a happy life.

    When do you feel like the best version of yourself?
    I'm still trying to reach that point

    What else is on your gratitude list right now: what are five things you’re feeling particularly appreciative of?
    Sam (my best friend)
    European and Australian time difference
    Correct prescription glasses
    Dogs being walked outside
    Travel pillow

    Words you live by?
    Live for yourself. Aim to be happy.

    What are five other things you are currently really interested in?
    European building interiors
    Polaroid cameras

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