• UO Interviews: Dream Rooms

    New year, new room: we rounded up some of our favorite Instagram photographers (with equally dreamy spaces) to get their pro tips on how to envision, style, and create your ideal bedroom. 

    Bridget Park
    Seattle, WA

    What are your top 5 tips for transforming a bedroom into a dream space?
    1. Layers & layers of cozy bedding
    Here's how I make the bed: I make it. And then I unmake it a bit. Then my dogs help unmake it more. I am solidly in the things-look-better-a-little-undone camp, and that's as true for my hair as it is for my bed. For me, both look best a little nest-like. The perfect bedding is the kind that looks as inviting (or more so!) disheveled as it does tidy. And then layer it. And layer it some more... 

    2. Candles
    Candles are everything to me. Fragrant. Moody. Warm. Candles elevate the most ordinary corners. It's impossible for me to not get caught in daydreams with a candle burning nearby. 

    3. A dreamy color palette 
    Everyone is different -- my best friend loves invigorating, soulful hues. My other best friend likes only white. As for me, I prefer a soft medley of neutrals. I tend toward that spiritual way of consulting my space by asking questions like, "how do I want to feel in this room?" I want to feel calm in my bedroom. So, I built a color palette around what inspires serenity in me.

    4. A dream journal 
    I love recording & deciphering my dreams -- everything from the characters to the story, colors, the mood. Journaling them is a treasure, the way it lets you float in that misty, amorphous place between dreams and life. Even if just for a moment. 

    5. Vinyl & a film camera (nearby, always)
    I have a low-tech policy in my bedroom. I only use my phone to set alarms or check the weather. (Orrrr, ok, the occasional Instagram scroll when I mess up.) But, I love having music on and being able to grab a camera for spontaneous snapshots. So, vinyl & film! No screen required. And the deep, scratchy sound of records and the tangible fruits of a film camera are so romantic to me. 

    What’s on your project list for 2016 for your space? Any new ideas, trends, or DIYS you’re wanting to take on in the new year?
    I just moved in and I've been intentionally slow to put up art. So, decor! I want to frame some Instax photos from travels, but to give them some impact, I'll put them in huge frames with lots of matting -- to make the illusion that you're looking at them through a keyhole. I also want to mix in some modern pieces: lower the bed, and add a big weaving, minimal mirror, and perhaps a big ol' fiddle leaf fig come spring. 

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    Courtney Halverson
    Los Angeles, CA

    What are your top 5 tips for transforming a bedroom into a dream space?
    1. Simplify. Having less things in my room has made it a more peaceful place, and easier to keep clean.

    2. Bright clean whites has made my small bedroom feel a lot bigger. I chose white bedding, and white walls, and introduced color with pillows and throws. 

    3. Opening the thicker curtains during the day helps my room feel like less of a cave, and nothing beats beautiful natural light. I have sheer curtains to filter the light a bit, and it really brightens the space.

    4. Plants! I love having living things in my room, and having a few succulents on the window sill and on my nightstand is so easy. They don't need much care, and are an easy way to decorate.

    5. Invest in your bedding. I had the same sheet set for years and years, and recently started buying new bedding and I love it! Soft sheets, cuddly pillows — treat yourself when it comes to your bed.

    What’s on your project list for 2016 for your space?
    I've done some weaving but I would love to learn how to macrame and introduce some of the pieces into our bedroom. And I want to get more plants! I'm hoping to get some large leafy pants for the bedroom, and fingers crossed that I don't kill them, because so far I can only keep cacti and succulents alive.

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    Zoe Lazerson 
    Orem, Utah. 

    1. Everyone has their own taste, but for me, I love love love color! I love everything to look cohesive, so whatever your taste, make it work together. 

    2. I absolutely must have natural lighting, I love pretty light.

    3. Make your room personal, put paintings up you painted, frame photos of you and your best friends, or decorate with something you love.

    4. Everyone loves a comfortable room, make it feel home-y. 

    5. Make it have its very own vibe, whether it's a clean white room, to dark wood and dark bedding, to twinkly lights and decorated walls, just make it completely your style! 

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    Francesca Felix
    San Diego, CA

    What are your top 5 tips for transforming a bedroom into a dream space? 
    1. My go-to way of making my bedroom my "happy place" is to just surround myself with things I absolutely love. I Get rid of anything that is excess and only keep things that literally make me smile when I see them and bring me joy. This also helps me declutter all the excess stuff and simplify my room. This way all the beautiful objects you have can shine. 

    2. A room should always have a beautiful statement piece (like a rug, a pillow, or throw) to add extra comfort. I bought this big furry pillow a while ago and love how it immediately make me want to jump in my bed and lounge next to it. 

    3. Nature is also linked to reducing stress and tension so plants are always a good idea. I love being outdoors, so I try to bring some of it indoors with me. I almost always keep succulents around because you don't have to water them everyday and they are easy to care for. I also like to trim the bugambilia plant outside my house, put it in a small vase, and just have it by my bed. It always adds beautiful color and some life to the room.

    4. Natural lighting is everything. A room with a good window to let natural light in is best. But if you don't  have that, make your own light!  Right now I have firefly string lights hanging around and it gives such a warm romantic glow to my room. I love to curl up under them and use the light to read right before I go to sleep. 

    5. Mix textures and patterns. Mixing adds so much personality and its visually pleasing. A Moroccan rug over wood floors, faux fur throw over cotton sheets, or different patterned pillows all thrown together. I hung a sheer white curtain which drapes from my windows and slightly over my bed just to add a bit of depth and texture to the room. It really made such a huge difference!

    What’s on your project list for 2016 for your space? 
    I really like the minimal all white look but with heavily bohemian inspired pieces.  I would love to get my hands on some beautiful vintage looking macrame planters with Ivy plants to hang in my room. Just more green and plants hanging around in general. 

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    Audrie Storme
    Orange County, CA

    What are your top 5 tips for transforming a bedroom into a dream space? 
    1. Do it yourself. I think the most unique piece of furniture you can have is the kind you've built yourself. My bed frame and desk are made from pallets I sanded down, painted and distressed with my fiancé, so I feel somewhat proud and very sentimental to have them as part of my space.

    2. Make it personal. Going along with the whole "do-it-yourself" tip, I like to decorate my room with little details I've crafted myself. Above my desk is a branch that I use to hang most of my jewelry, attached to the wall with some hemp cord. Above that are all my hats that I've hung on nails and organized on the wall. On the other side of my bed is a feather and ribbon wall hanging I made from another branch I found outside. All these little things are an expression of my creativity and personal taste that I feel makes my room feel more intimate than if I had just bought my decor at the store.

    3. Color theme counts. Generally, I'm not a fan of bright or loud colors. I think of my bedroom as a neutral space where I can escape and reflect, so neutral hues in terms of wall color, bedding, furniture, etc. work well for me. Different colors put me in different moods —applying that thought process to the color theme of a room just makes sense to me.

    4. Let the light in. I'm a born-and-raised California girl, so I absolutely love the sunshine. I have my bed propped up right against the window. It just makes me feel happier waking up in the sunlight. At nighttime, I light up the room with candles and twinkle lights. I have a makeshift canopy DIYed out of tulle from the fabric store that I hung on hooks above my bed. That way, the twinkle lights kind of hang above me on top of the tulle. Very moody and romantic.

    5. Keep it clean. There's nothing worse than a cluttered space (for me, anyway). Since my bed is made from pallets and my desk sits on top of cinder blocks, that gives me a lot of space and hidden corners to organize all my books, trinkets and things. It definitely helps when you like to hoard a lot of stuff like I do.

    What’s on your project list for 2016 for your space? 
    For Christmas last year, I learned how to make dreamcatchers as gifts for my friends and family. They're really delicate to handle and I didn't want to ruin them by wrapping them up, so I ended up hanging them all on one of the walls of my bedroom before giving them away. I loved the way they turned out and the way they looked in my room, so now it's my goal to have a entire wall decorated with dreamcatchers for 2016. Here's to hoping I don't grow tired of making them before I'm finished!

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