• UO Interviews: Call Your Girlfriend

    We love getting a glimpse of Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman’s long-distance friendship through their amazing podcast Call Your Girlfriend. As they explain, the duo met through a mutual friend in 2008 "at a Gossip Girl viewing party in DC... Amina was wearing a homemade "Chuck+Blair" T-shirt and Ann instantly fell in love. After that we were pretty much inseparable until Ann moved away to California." 

    Today, Amina and Ann live in different cities but are pretty much friendship goals when it comes to keeping in touch. To get a glimpse at each of their lives, we asked them to photo-document some snippets of daily routines — analog postcards of LDR daily life. Read on for their photos, some advice on maintaining a cross-country friendship, and a few hints at the future of their podcast (hint: CYG live!).

    Mornings are...
    Amina: I’m a very early riser and it used to drive me crazy. Now I love the hours I get to work on my urban garden while the rest of the city is slowly waking up. 

    Ann: Yes, this is a green smoothie. (In case you're curious: dates, avocado, spinach, cinnamon, yogurt, and a little agave.) I'm happy to report that when it comes to my morning beverages, I'm a California stereotype. Not pictured: coffee.

    Evenings are...
    Amina: very quiet right now. I’m working on so many things at the same time it can be hard to motivate to leave the house. Meditating in the bath is the perfect way to wind down.

    Ann: Did I mention I live in California?

    A daily ritual...
    Amina: My only serious resolution after turning 30 was to take skincare seriously. I can’t be going to bed with lipstick on anymore! Here’s to trying out every single wacky Korean skincare routine 

    Ann: This is my office at home, where I spend all day, almost every day. As you can see, I have not KonMari'd my books. I love being surrounded by them.

    A selfie...
    One over-exposed and one under-exposed. Nobody ever talks about how difficult it can be to photograph interracial friendships.

    A to-do list...
    Amina: The podcast is slowly taking up more and more of my time but I love it because I get to work with ladies I like a lot. Gina, our producer does all the magical behind the scenes stuff that makes it possible for you to hear us through your headphones. We’re in touch throughout the day on the phone or online about various projects and the best part about it is that it never feels like work. 

    Ann: This is our producer Gina Delvac. I took this photo as we were having one of our many biz meetings for CYG. Podcasts don't run themselves, people. It's work.

    Something that reminds me of our friendship...
    Amina: I love when we’re reading the same books at the same time and don’t even realize it. Obvi more often than not, we’re reading about other bossladies like Gloria Steinem or Nora Ephron.  

    Ann: RBG and other bossladies always remind me of Amina. Naturally.

    Current view...
    Amina: Ann got me these hilarious DJ Khaled for xmas. I am usually not one for novelty or Internet gifts but it was perfect!

    Ann: New shoes! Grey suede. I treated myself.

    A postcard from...
    Amina: Ugh San Francisco is very drab this winter so I’ve been spending so much quality time in Palm Springs. Can’t recommend it enough: the desert is magic.

    Ann: I love this mural of sheroes Frida Kahlo, Dolores Huerta, and Selena in my neighborhood, Echo Park in Los Angeles. 

    What are you both up to now — independently and as a duo?
    Ann: My current projects include CYG (obviously) and live events related to it. [I also write] my weekly column for NYmag.com, a few profiles for The Gentlewoman and Fantastic Man magazines, and my weekly newsletter and its new classifieds section. 

    Amina: Outside of CYG, my digital consulting business takes up most of my time. I’m very lucky to work with some A++ media brands and run awesome campaigns. Working with the Tech LadyMafia, the Tech’s women’s group I founded and lead is always very rewarding. I also write BLOOP with my friend Jenna.

    Can you share 3 top bits of advice for maintaining a long-distance friendship?
    1. Gotta put in the face time. Both on FaceTime and IRL.
    2. Ask when you need special attention or extra love from your friend—when you're long-distance, it can be hard to tell when your friend really needs you. 
    3. Keep in text. Every day.

    What’s next for you both?
    We're just starting to do live events for Call Your Girlfriend! Which sounds great but is truly a ton of work given that we have full-time jobs doing other things. But it's been fun to think of how to translate our podcast to a live stage. 

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