• UO Interviews: Alton Mason Choreographs the FILA + UO Basketball Collection Video

    Practice to perfection. The new FILA + UO Basketball Collection was made to move. We commissioned artist, dancer, actor, and model Alton Mason to choreograph our video for the collection, featuring “Kokamoe Freestyle” by Goldlink. 

    Alton Mason is a dancer, choreographer, actor, and model with making waves throughout the art and fashion worlds. We caught up with him on the set of the video shoot to talk about his artistry, his inspirations, and his inspiring message for the world. 

    How long have you been dancing? 
    My mom always told me I could dance before I was potty trained. Dance has always been my first language, my first love.

    Out of all your talents talents, why did you decide to pursue dance? 
    Some feelings can't be expressed with words, and sometimes words can't define the way I feel. Dance has always painted a vivid picture of who I am and how I feel.

    What's your favorite choreography moments of all time? 
    My favorite choreography moments of all time would have to be Remember the Time by Michael Jackson and Scream, where Michael and Janet are bodying an A-count side by side.

    What kind of choreography will we see in the video? 
    Today Dilone and I will be keeping it clean with some hip-hop. Let me run that back. Today Dilone and I will be keeping it clean with hip hop, fly, Boomkack-inspired moves with a New York sauce to it.

    How would you describe your style of dance?
    My style of dance is very fluid, loud, expressive, and saucy. Boomkack and Luther Brown have been schooling me on how to remain in the pocket and execute naturally.

    What is a message to the world that you would like to share? 
    Artist development has become so sacred to me. I love being the student. I acknowledge the fact that I am young and I don't know it all. I'm still learning. The artist that I am today might not be the artist that I am tomorrow. It's like I'm that caterpillar in its cocoon slowly evolving into a butterfly. I can assure you that my art will be classic. My art will reflect the times. When you see my art, you will see the past, the present, and the future.

    What have you been up to since Class of 2017? 
    Ever since the Class of 2017 shoot, I've been traveling frequently. I've been backpacking around the world and finding myself within it.

    What does the rest of 2017 look like to you? 
    The rest of 2017, it looks like I'll be pretty busy. It looks like I'll be busy perfecting my craft while staying focused and humble.

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