• UO Interviews: Tekla Evelina Severin

    A longstanding favorite Internet muse has been the Instagram account of Tekla Evelina Severin, AKA: @teklan, whose poppy, colorful, and architectural photos always stop us in our tracks. Curious to learn more (and in the spirit of Valentine's Day!), we asked the Stockholm-based photographer to take some pink photos for us influenced by what she was observing around her. Read on for her images and our conversation about architecture-influenced photography and the benefits of Instagram. 

    What are you drawn to in what you shoot? 
    Hard to explain! I think I've always had that need to create my own world and interpretation of it. 

    You are also an interiors architect — can you share a little more about how that informs your photography? 
    It definitely does in the material and composition. I have tested A LOT in my work [as an architect]. However, as a “photographer” I don’t have to consider construction, function, or how it looks outside the frame. A house is something completely different! 

    What about the opposite — have you ever photographed things that made you consider your work in a different way? 
    For sure. Mostly It made me be less aesthetically serious or correct about things. 

    Can you share any backstory on any of these images?
    This selection is a mix between old photos and new and is a study of mixed feelings: the [lead image] roses mirror photo, for example, which is something I shot just for this, started when a song crossed my mind: "Did You Give the World Some Love Today Babe” by the Swedish singer Doris, it's a song from the 70s that had a big revival when I was in college. I don't know why [it popped into my head] and I haven't thought of it in awhile, but maybe because I connect that song with my first memories of celebrating Valentine's Day. 

    Do you plan out the photos you take or are they more impromptu? 
    I would say: 65 percent impromptu and 35 percent planned. Often it's just things I notice as I pass them or when I'm traveling. Or sometimes it´s a places I've seen and not been able to get over. 

    What benefits come from the immediacy of taking and sharing images on Instagram? 
    Well it does have such an immediate response, which is kind of cool. I really appreciate the community of it...there have been so many serious works [that have come from being involved], crazy collaborations, and great features, [I've found] one real soulmate, lots of friends, any so many great travel tips.

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