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    Furniture placement can be tough but don't worry, we've got you. Read on for our top five tips for arranging sofas in a small space. Hopefully we'll help get those creative juices flowing.
    Illustrations by Victoria Skovran


    Pair a larger piece of furniture with two smaller pieces, or use a plant as a statement. Make sure the furniture is distributed across the room so that it compliments the space!

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    When arranging your living room - think about how the space will be used. Allow for traffic flow and create paths between pieces. 

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    Pair a sectional with a smaller chair to create a larger seating zone. Always make sure there is a surface to rest a beverage on! 

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    Mirror two pieces of furniture to create a simple and easy layout. You can also experiment with the layout by mixing furniture that doesn't perfectly match!

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    Buddy System

    A good rule of thumb- pair a larger piece of furniture with two arm chairs to create a more social layout. Don't forget to experiment, a small refresh can make for a big difference!

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