• UO Happenings: Lani Trock Show at Space 15 Twenty

    Last week Space 15 Twenty hosted a special night with LA artist Lani Trock to celebrate the opening of her new show, "Trust in the You of Now," which will be up through April 27. We've been teaming up with Lani a couple times this month — in this home visit and also for her (Earth Day appropriate!) guide to foraged flowers — and couldn't be more excited to see her show come together. Read on to learn more about the concept behind her installation and see photos from opening night.
    Photos by Anne Yano

    From photography to flower foraging, a unifying theme of Lani's diverse body of work is how plants, flora, and pieces of everyday nature came be experienced in different environments and expressed in a range of mediums. Her show explores the ways our surroundings (both our environment and spaces we create for ourselves) affect us. 

    For the show Lani created a series of photographs that were installed in a created and plant-filled space, resulting in a jungly indoor environment that became a living component of the installation. 

    Above: The show, set up and ready to go

    Above: Glimpses of Lani's photographs

    Above: Hanging out on the swing that's a part of the show installation

    Above: Lani with a special guest for opening night, actress Jena Malone (via Instagram)

    Above: Lani's snaps from the night, via Instagram

    Follow along with Space 15 Twenty on Instagram, and visit Lani's show up through 4/27