• UO Happenings: I Graduated, What Now? Panel Presented By Passerbuys at Space Ninety 8

    This month, we were excited to team up with Passerbuys — a website made to showcase the raw, un-curated and effortless beauty of women — on a co-hosted panel discussion on forging a creative life after college. 

    Last night, Space Ninety 8 was filled with recent college grads and current college students hoping to hear some life advice from our extraordinarily talented panel. Included on the panel was Ellen Van Dusen of Dusen Dusen; Shydeia Caldwell of Black Girl Magik; Christina Coleman, Senior Editor at Essence; Janine Lee, co-founder of Floss Gloss; artist Grace Miceli; jewelry designer Susan Alexandra; and Rachel Howe, owner of Small Spells. The event was moderated by Erin Allweiss, co-founder of The No. 29.

    The setting in Space Ninety 8 was perfect for the evening, and the room filled up fast. Each panel member took turns outlining their career paths and dropped some tips on how unsure college grads could up their networking skills. Each of the women on the panel had different life experiences and advice to bring to the table, all of which seemed to resonate with the crowd in the room.

    The final words of wisdom from Christina Coleman were some of the most inspiring: "The worst that's gonna happen is someone says no. So make that phone call. Reach out. Send that DM."

    Get inspired and read on for some more photos from the event below.
    Photos by Heidi Lee

    Some seriously incredible mini cupcakes from Abigail's Bakeshop. Give them a try if you're in Brooklyn!

    The room was packed!

    The panel started off by introducing each of the women to the crowd. With jobs ranging from artists to small business owners, their expertise covered a wide range of topics.

    "We're children of the internet, so you might as well use it for everything you need," Janine Lee, co-founder of Floss Gloss, shared with the crowd. ("Send a DM!" she encouraged.)

    Shydeia Caldwell, one of the youngest women on the panel, had a lot of advice for recent college grads, including the benefits of spending a lot of time online: it helps to build your brand presence.

    Christina Coleman left a career writing for NASA (!!!) and went on to become the Senior Editor at Essence. Her advice? Learn what you need to say "no" to, but make sure to grab every opportunity that feels right for you, and make sure to follow your own path.

    The Q&A session was our favorite part of the night. The panel got to hear from college students and college grads that were wrestling with real-life career issues and doled up useful advice in real time.

    Everyone was given a pocket-sized notebook to jot thoughts and tips down in. We loved seeing them put to use!

    After the panel ended, the participants all mingled with the crowd, answering more questions from them and just saying hello.

    Passerbuys founder Clémence Polès and some of the Passerbuys team.

    One final group shot of the incredible panel of women!

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