• UO Happenings: Afterfest New York Recap

    This past Friday we packed up and headed to NYC for yet another Afterfest party at Le Bain. Le Bain is always an amazing venue, especially because of the sweeping views we get to admire on their expansive roof deck. If you've never been, make it a point to make the trek up to the 18th floor the next time you're in NYC, because you won't be disappointed.

    For this year's Afterfest, Zola Jesus and DJ Dodger Stadium performed and neither of them disappointed. Zola Jesus is just as theatrical in real life as she is on her albums and puts on an incredible show, and DJ Dodger Stadium did a great job of ramping up the energy, keeping everyone dancing throughout the night. Check out our recap below!

    Maybe we started singing "Welcome to New York."

    Disco balls at Le Bain in the daytime.

    The team setting up.

    Zola Jesus blowing our minds.

    Sun's going down...

    Zola Jesus and DJ Dodger Stadium on stage.

    Another shot from The Standard.

    Shot of Le Bain.

    More shots of Zola Jesus and DJ Dodger Stadium hangin' with the disco ball.

    The High Line above The Standard was BEAUTIFUL.

    Our favorite!

    Disco balls and lights.

    Until next time, NYC.

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    Our next Afterfest is Saturday, November 8th in Austin, TX! For more info, click here.