• UO Guide: Wellness Tips for Day & Night

    We’re loving the latest supplements from wellness brands Moondeli and Vital Proteins. Find out how we incorporate the mood-boosting remedies into our morning and nightly routines.
    Photos by CJ Harvey

    Above: Moondeli Energy Tonic

    Moondeli is a new way to "experience the world's most revered ingredients," offering a wide range of tonic blends meant to do everything from increase energy to induce mindfulness. First becoming passionate about botanical medicine in Costa Rica, the Moondeli founders set out to produce the ingredients they learned about in an easy, delicious way. (Testing hundreds of recipes along the way!) The final product is the Moondeli you see today, a fun blend of easy-to-use adaptogens and elixirs. 

    In the morning, blend Moondeli's Energy Tonic with your favorite hot or cold beverage for an added boost of... well, energy. We blended into coffee but it works (and tastes) just as good in almond milk or smoothies. The nice thing about adding it to coffee is that the taste is imperceptible, so you won't feel like you're drinking a big cup of earth. 

    The Energy Tonic is formulated with rhodiola, maca and astragalus to awaken body and mind with vivid focus and rejuvenation, while protecting against the effects of physical, mental and emotional stress. The blend is also said to enhance cognitive function, clear your mind and boost your memory while balancing hormones.

    Above: Vital Proteins Spirulina

    For an added boost of energy throughout the day, take one serving of Vital Proteins Spirulina, meant to boost energy, revitalize and detoxify the body. The brand also offers Collagen Beauty Water which is like "drinking a spa treatment." Blended with collagen, hyaluronic acid, and probiotics, the blend is meant to help improve skin elasticity. You can drink this blended into a cold drink or smoothie (and it tastes great in just water since it's made with strawberries and lemons).

    Above: Moondeli's Holy Ashwagandha

    Finish up your day with Moondeli's Holy Ashwagandha. Ashwagandha is the perfect way to wind down at the beginning of the night, especially mixed into a warm cup of tea. The ashwagandha (or Indian ginseng) is blended with basil to create a calming, stress relieving blend.

    Other blends to try from Moondeli:
    -Blue Green Protein (boost protein)
    -Meditation Tonic (support mindfulness)
    -Ceremony Tonic (inspire focus)
    -Bliss Booster (mood booster that tastes like cocoa!)

    Above: Slip Silk Eye Mask

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