• UO Guide: The Perfect Night In

    Sometimes going out is overrated. Get our recipe for how to host the ultimate night in with your friends (hint: it involves wearing PJ pants all day and taking a ton of instant photos).
    Photos by Richard Torres

    Above: Brenna (left) in the Patsy Herringbone PJ top and shorts; Kacie in the Out From Under Cropped PJ Jumpsuit, and both with Fujifilm Mini 8 Instax cameras

    Meet Brenna Gilbert and Kacie Cone, two Portland friends who met at work and are basically two sides of the same coin, similar in so many ways that they were basically BFFs at first sight. Who better to team up with for an old school sleepover? Why do sleepovers stop when you become an “adult”? We say the more time we can spend with our best friends, the better. 

    Above: "Who's Most Likely To?" Game
    Above: Kacie (left) in a Truly Madly Deeply tee and lounge shorts; Brenna in a Mermaid Muscle tee with lounge shorts

    Okay, let’s start with what you're watching — what are some favorite things to watch with friends? 
    Brenna: Futurama forever, it's my favorite and I've rewatched the entire series maybe six times. Also, I recently have been watching the Spy Kids movies over again. Their gadgets are to die for.
    Kacie: Horror movies! You’re Next and It Follows are two of my favorite right now. On TV I’ve been obsessing over Impractical Jokers (it’s hysterical) and Walking Dead.

    Listening to?
    Brenna: Currently loving “What's your Phone Number” by Erykah Badu and “Emotion” by Samantha Sang (but only because the music video cracks me up). I listen to everything but those two are always on. Some other favorites are Ty Segall’s “Time,” “Hatful of Harrow” by The Smiths, and “Angels” by Chance the Rapper.
    Kacie: Pierre and Octohate by Ryn Weaver are my current obsession! Constantly playing on repeat!

    Favorite games (besides the Who’s Most Likely To game!)?
    Brenna: Super Smash Bros. on N64 FOREVER!  
    Kacie: SSX Tricky on the game cube!

    Above: Brenna in "Heck Yes" denim jacket; Kacie in a satin embroidered bomber jacket

    What’s on the menu?
    Brenna: Pizza! + if we’re cooking, so much spaghetti, lots of kombucha, hummus and pita chips, and all the fruit I can get my hands on. Also, I need chocolate chip cookies to survive.
    Kacie: BBQ Quesadillas and home-made chocolate chip cookies.

    Any things you try when you have a free night?
    Brenna: Photos! Art! Playing new songs on the piano or guitar! I like decorating and creating things. 
    Kacie: Always photo-taking!  I’m always trying to be creative and find fun new things to photograph.

    What tips do you have for making your place feel more suitable for a girls night: making the space feel more cozy or festive?
    Brenna: Good lighting, great music, friendly vibes, and (most importantly) snacks. 
    Kacie: Fresh Flowers and plants are a must! Some good music and string lights don’t hurt either.

    What are 5 other things you’ve been interested in lately?
    1. I've gotten pretty serious about skateboarding on a regular basis as well as surfing. Improving on a board has been my goal this last year. 
    2. I just got an adorable Instax camera which I actually can't put down. I've already taken close to 60 instant photos. 
    3. I just signed up for bartending school so mixology had been a huge interest of mine. 4. The bass has also been tempting me, I really want to learn. 
    5. Vintage copies of Vogue magazine.
    Kacie: 1. Knick-knack collecting (My apartment is full of the most random vintage finds), 
    2. cocktail mixing 
    3. Pac-Man
    4. Polaroid taking
    5. Ee-discovering songs I loved years ago.

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