• UO Guide: Summer Beauty Essentials

    Make a list, check it twice: read about all the warm weather staples we’re adding into our beauty routine this season.
    Photos by Mel Denisse

    Because the sun dries you out...add moisture back in the form of oils, which seep in deep to really hydrate your skin from the inside out. We love the delicately floral options by Herbivore Botanicals, like the Jasmine or Citrine, or Rasasara Skinfood's ayurvedic blends. You can check out all of our oils here

    Matte Face Faves
    Because even though we are team moisturizer, no one wants a face that looks slicked with grease. There's a difference between hydrated and oily skin, and we want the former, please. For adding balance to our skin, the next summer step is masks, which are a nourishing a necessary step in your skincare routine, especially when you're exposed to the elements + using sunscreen on the daily. Masks are a nice reset button for restoring your skin's pH. We love the Cacao Detox Mask by Lani, made from a beachy mix of cacao, coconut, and clay (it smells SOOOO good, you guys). Other standbys are Fig + Yarrow's clay masks or our exclusive Milk Makeup X UO Urban Defense Mask.

    Natural deodorants 
    Deodorant in the summer because...duh. But when it comes to staying fresh, we've been going natural — thanks to the discovery of some aluminum-free blends that actually work, like the herbal-based blends from Schmidt's (the lavender is SO good!), or Soul Sunday's coconut oil deodorant "paste."

    Cooling Agents
    For keeping a cool, refreshed face even in the dog days. A couple must-haves here: first, floral mists. Rosewater forever — we keep a couple bottles on hand at all times. One bottle in our bag for on-the-go hydration, one to set our makeup while we're getting ready for the day, one in the fridge for a quick cool-down, and one by our bed to make our sheets smell good! Some standbys in this category are: Mario Badescu's aloe herbs blend, Cedar + Stone's (exclusive UO collab!) cucumber spray, and another classic rosewater go-to by Herbivore Botanicals (plus this one is mini! Perfect for stashing in your bag).

    Second favorite (and new to us) cool-down-quick option is Milk Makeup's cooling water and hydrating oil, both of which are like a cold glass of water...for your face? Tough to explain, but basically just: trust us. Once you swipe the cooling water on your face after an afternoon in the sun (or after a long flight!) you'll never want to go without it. It's the feeling of splashing ice cold water on your face, but with the convenience of a tiny, toteable tube. Easy peasy. Bring it on, summer!

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