• UO Guide: Spring Break Essentials

    Choose your own adventure: whether you’re headed for the beach or the mountains, we’ve got you covered this spring break covered with four packing lists designed for any adventure. 
    Photos by Tess Guinery

    For the Beach Bound:
    Did you buy a bikini JUST for spring break? Are tiki drinks (sipped from a coconut) in your future? We hope so. If you’ve got your sights set on warm weather, beach-bound days spent soaking up the sunshine in a lounge chair…might we suggest:
    - A colorful bikini because…obvious
    - A waterproof speaker because you’re responsible
    - Salt spray to give the whole “beach hair” thing a kick start
    - Skin Trip coconut lotion (all the coconut things!)
    - Sunscreen! Sunglasses! A good beach blanket!
    - Camera + film
    - And a proper bag to tote all your loot

    For the Snow Seeker
    If you’re hitting up that fresh powder (or just wanting to hang out and drink cocoa while wrapped up in a cozy cabin somewhere…) here’s your packing list:
    - Fingers, toes, head…keep em warm with cozy mittens, sherpa-lined slippers, and a solid beanie
    - For coming back inside after a day in the cold, avoid chapped skin with a thick moisturizer and a healing lip treatment
    - For warming up from the inside out, a favorite tea steeped in a cool geometric mug
    - For passing the time indoors: a good book, a colorful deck of cards
    - Camera + film to document it all

    For the Road Tripper
    Destination unknown — the trip is the experience. You’ve got places to go, people to see (and a LOT of hours to clock on the open road).
    - A travel mug for a BYO coffee situation (way better than from the gas station!)
    - Portable charger for keeping that playlist going on hour 8
    - Travel-sized toiletries — here and here (because it’s nice to have your own shampoo in an unfamiliar place)
    - A pillow for naps
    - Headphones for when you want some zone-out time
    - A ball cap for your road warrior bedhead
    - A travel guide to lead you, and a camera + film for reliving your journey

    For the Anti-Spring Breaker
    If you’re staying at home this spring break…more power to you. The city is quiet and you’ve got the house to yourself. Here’s to self-indulgence:
    -Take the time to make yourself a proper + fun dinner with an at-home sushi kit (and cute cooking accessories to match: here and here)
    -Catch up on inspired reading and creative doodling
    -CATCH SOME WINKS, made more luxe with a sleeping mask
    -Have an at-home spa day: treat yourself with a salt scrub, some face masks, and a relaxing soak

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