• UO Guide: Skin Tints

    Whether you're looking for a sheer tinted moisturizer or a lightweight foundation, this is the ultimate guide to get your skin glowing, even, and summer ready – no matter what kind of coverage you're looking for.
    Photos by Adrienne Raquel

    In the summertime, sometimes sheer coverage is all you really need, especially after spending a few days at the beach and feeling #confident with your new tan. Before applying any foundation, make sure that you've got SPF covered if there isn't any in your foundation or tinted moisturizer you're using. Never, ever forget SPF! (Yes, we'll say this 100 times!) Certain moisturizers and foundations, like the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream, come loaded up with SPF (42 SPF in this case), but it's never a bad thing to start with an SPF base as well. Your skin will thank you when you're 65 and wrinkle-free.

    To help blend out an existing, heavier foundation you may have, use a damp Beautyblender to thin the formula out along your face. This will still give you the coverage you crave without the heaviness.

    For someone looking for a lighter foundation with just a hint of color that covers a bit more than the standard tinted moisturizer, Hylamide's Photography Foundation is the solution. There are only two colors, Golden Tan and Dark Tan, but this lighter foundation blends out almost sheer, so it's easy to mix and match, especially when adding in a drop or two of a heavier foundation. There's also a "colorless" Hylamide foundation, which acts as a primer that helps correct skin tone and pore size without actually providing heavy tinted coverage.

    Looking for slightly more coverage without the cakiness of foundation? OCC's Tinted Moisturizer is lightweight but still provides great color and comes in a variety of shades. OCC is also made for blending, so if there's a shade that doesn't quite match, it's easy to add in a drop or two of a lighter/darker moisturizer, depending on what you need.

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