• UO Guide: San Juan, Puerto Rico

    In honor of our first store in Puerto Rico’s capital city — it’s our guide for what to do, see, taste, and experience in San Juan.

    Photos by Stephanie Segarra, words by Brenda Ayala

    Above: El Hamburguer, La Casita Blanca

    Food + Drink:
    El Hamburguer
    402 Avenue Muñoz Rivera
    This is probably the coolest tacky burger joint on the whole island. Located in Puerta de Tierra, they’ve been selling the juiciest burgers since 1970 with a side of one of the best views of the Atlantic Ocean.

    La Casita Blanca
    351 Calle Tapia
    You’ll need a nap after eating here. That's a fact. After a welcome gift of free traditional Puerto Rican appetizers and a giant meal, finish your La Casita Blanca experience with their signature chichaito shot (rum, anise and three coffee grains).  

    Above: Pirilo Pizza Rustica

    Pirilo Pizza Rústica
    207 Calle Tanca
    Of course we love pizza, and Pirilo has one of the best in town.  The croquetas de mamposteao are a must-try, an arancini-like fritter filled with traditional rice and beans (a.k.a. hangover cure).

    Kiosko Boricua  

    Campamento Piñones, Loíza
    Technically not in San Juan, but not far from it (remember: tiny island). Puerto Ricans LOVE fried food and this beachfront kiosk has the tastiest ever.

    La Alcapurría Quemá

    251 Calle Duffaut
    Located at la Placita de Santurce, this spot has the most amazing Chuleta Can Can in the World (Google that and thank us later).

    Above: Acapulco

2021 Calle Loíza
    Teletransport to México in this amazing taquería located in Santurce: BEST COCHINITA PIBIL EVER.

    Sullivan's BBQ
    Roasted chicken heaven! You will not find a tastier and juicier chicken than this one. They serve the best pollo con papas in town, at a couple locations.

    Double Cake
1904 Calle Loíza
    Surely the best cupcake shop in San Juan. But! It doesn’t end there…you have to try their Nutella bread and the almond quesito, too.

    Above: PsychoDeli, Hacienda San Pedro


    829, 801 Cll Elisa Cerra
    Apart from having the best name ever, amazing food and live jazz music some nights

    Hacienda San Pedro
318 Av. De Diego
    Looking for the best Puerto Rican coffee? This is your place. Enough said.

    Café Cuatro Sombras
259 Calle Recinto Sur
    Besides an amazing coffee, Cuatro Sombras has the best homemade bread toast with guava butter. Dream breakfast.

    Above: El Watusi, La Factoria, Club 77

    El Watusi
829, 801 Cll Elisa Cerra
    This artsy tropical dive bar (or chinchorro, as Puerto Ricans call it) is located in the heart of the Santurce community. Make sure to order a Medalla Light with a chichaito… this combination gives you special salsa powers.

    Club 77
    1102 Avenida Juan Ponce de León
    The perfect underground spot to sweat, dance, and mosh in Río Piedras, the university town.

    Above: El Local en Santurce

    El Local en Santurce

    1425 Av. Manuel Fernández Juncos
    Home of the counterculture scene for all types of events: movie nights, live shows, and the craziest karaoke Tuesdays.

    Circo Bar

    Calle Condado 650, Calle Condado
    Definitely the best gay club in San Juan for after hours. It has different areas with a vast variety of music and gives you the absolute freedom to be yourself.

    La Factoría

    148 Calle San Sebastián
    Recently selected as one of the 50 best bars in the world, La Factoría makes amazing craft cocktails served with a bunch of good times.

    Above: Calle Cerra, Ocean Park

    Art + Culture

    Mondo Bizarro

    1102-1074 Avenida Juan Ponce de León
    Comics and coffee, an excellent combo only available in Mondo Bizarro, an amazing Río Piers shop full of art from the inside out.

1510 Ave Ponce de León
    For feeding your stomach and your brain, an independent bookstore and restaurant that also has live music shows some nights

Calle Cerra
    During the 70-80’s, La Cerra Street was the mecca of music stores and musicians. Now, after years of art festivals, it’s filled with street art of world-renowned artists. You can still buy some vinyls at the last standing store called “La Cerra Musical.”

    Above: Old San Juan

    Old San Juan
    This town is the oldest colonial settlement in Puerto Rico. Aside from bars and restaurants, you’ll be amazed by the colorful houses and ocean view. Make sure to try a popsicle from Señor Paleta.

    Ocean Park
    Turquoise beach and white sand in the middle of the city? Of course! This is Puerto Rico!

    Above: Calle Loiza

    Calle Loiza
    Just a few blocks from Ocean Park Beach, Loiza Street is full of all sorts of shops and restaurants, and has a unique look and feel between hip and tacky. It’s also home to Farmacia Americana, an amazing local pharmacy that sells literally everything.

    Río Piedras
    Home to the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras is a quaint urban town with a lot to offer—make sure to eat Productos Gostosos’ turnovers while you’re there.

    Above: 20/20

    San Juan has a solid art scene. We are pretty sure you’ll enjoy the multiple galleries located in Santurce and Rio Piedras such as La Productora, 20/20, C787, Agustina Ferreyra, Taller Secreto, and Espacio 1414.

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