• UO Guide: Get in Order

    It’s time for a little mid-year organization: we teamed up with Australian designer Tess Guinery to get her top tips for getting your creative workspace in order. Tess is an all-around creative jack-of-all-trades, and is continually juggling multiple projects at once where having some sort of organizational system in place is key! Read on for how she puts her workspace and work tools to produce the best results.
    Photos by Tess Guinery

    Above (clockwise from top left): Fragment notebook, Felt Tip Marker Kit, Instax Mini Camera, Urbanears headphones,  Flag Banner sticky notes, Dessert Eraser Set, Poppin Ballpoint Pens

    1. If it doesn't have a place, throw it out or give it away.
    My husband is a massive minimalist and me... not so much. His amazing mind has taught me that you can still gather beautiful things, but all beautiful things need a place... Scissors should be in the scissor draw, paper clips in tin, paper in a box, and paints in a jar... If you have miscellaneous objects, create a home for them or throw it out. 

    2. Make it fun.
    Make the practice of organization an experience that is enjoyable. Boil the kettle, pump those tunes, light some candles, and think of organization as you would styling a space— it's proven that neat and thought-out spaces actually multiply your ability to create...so style away and make your space beautiful so the work you produce can be beautiful too! 

    Above (clockwise from top left): Metal Photo Clip String Set, Bright Ideas NotebookWood Charging Station, Clear Storage boxes, Instax Mini camera, The 52 Lists Project

    3. Write lists (and make them pretty, too)
    I currently use the metal photo clip string set with built-in clips to make my to-do list a feature in my studio. I think a to-do list needs to "look" inspiring in order for one to feel inspired to achieve all it asks. 

    4. Clean up and then clock off.
    A day isn't done until everything is back in its place. For me personally my desk looks like a rainbow bomb at the end of a day: paints, crayons, lists, food remnants, and mugs of half-drunken tea all over the place... I have made it a habit to clear, clean, and re-adjust my desk before I sign off so that I am creating a clean slate for the day after. Don't underestimate the power of starting your morning with everything in its place. Clean desk, clear mind...simple and true.

    Above (clockwise from top left): Poppin ballpoint pens, Bright Ideas notebook, Clear Storage Box, Silver clips set, Art deco journal, Poketo Planner, Instax Mini Camera

    5. LOVE your space.
    If you don't love your space you will struggle to keep it organized. Like anything, when you love something you take the time to look after it. For me, my space is my dream station. I have worked to make it a space that I walk into and feel happy to be there. I have plenty of plants around my space, natural light, magazines, books, art, and more. My space truly is my haven and because I have taken the time to make it a place I enjoy I now in turn want to keep it fresh and organized.

    6. Stay on top of your emails.
    This is a big one: being in the back-log of a zillion emails is my downward spiral into the dark pit of disorganization. When my emails are not tended to and piling up as high as the sky, everything else around me slowly follows. Before I know it I'm sitting in a virtual and cyber mess! Everything is linked; stay on-top of the things that matter. 

    Above (clockwise from top left): Felt Tip markers, Aux cable, Instax mini camera, Fragment JournalClear Storage BoxAlpaca sticker sheet, The Mindfulness Coloring Book, Kitty Kaddy paperclips, Geo Pastel Note set

    7. Update your stationery.
    There's something magic about having beautiful stationery: pens, note pads, storage boxes, and paperclips. I'm a sucker for buying stationery, usually because it looks pretty...but I find that when I have tools around me that encourage organization I actually use them. Always have an attractive pen and notepad by your side and you'll be sure to use them to write the lists that will see you on the golden road of organization. 

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