• UO On Campus: Desk Styling 101

    Create the desk of your dreams with blogger and stylist Brittni Mehlhoff of Paper & Stitch, who is sharing her go-to suggestions for creating a Pinterest-worthy workspace.

    Tip #1: Less is more. Sort of. 
    Of course you want to have easy access to desk items you need throughout the day (pens, clips, tape, etc.), but that doesn't mean that every little thing has to be in plain sight. So, I always like to start with decluttering my desk a bit. Then, I add little storage pieces to keep important items handy. 
    My top picks for storage items:
    • Good Thing Bucket T-Stand Pencil Holder
    Edison Letter Organizer
    Good Thing Mini Storage Container

    Tip #2: Stick with odd numbers 
    Every stylist I know recommends this, but it's because it totally works ... Having an odd number of items grouped together helps to make things feel more balanced and effortless. Groups of threes are probably the most common, but it works in larger numbers too.

    Tip #3: Integrate your personality
    Once you have the basics down, bring a few of your favorite things back in to add some personality. Just make sure the pieces you choose work well together and create visual cohesion. I always like to vary the heights and textures of the extra items that I bring in, for example, but I also keep them in the same color family (in this case neutrals). 
    My desk favorites:
    • A low planter (I love the Adelphi Metal Planter and the Pavios Metal Planter)
    • Interesting ceramics (I added in a bowl that I brought back from a recent trip to London) 
    • A tall piece of artwork to make a statement

    Tip #4: Take the clutter off your desk
    Speaking of artwork, hanging items on the wall when possible can be super helpful for small workspace areas because it gets the clutter off of your desk (which goes back to tip #1). I use push pins to hang my rulers, scissors, and other supplies straight on the wall and then tape a style guide / physical mood board right over my desk for inspiration. You can see past style guides I've created on Paper & Stitch. 

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