• UO Guide: Decorating with Purpose

    Make it count: get our tips for small, meaningful ways to style your space to be timeless, inspiring and (most importantly) totally you.
    Photos by Jenieva Nunez

    Display what you love
    Assess what you have: what do you love to look at? What makes you happy when you see it out in your space, or on display? The answer to these questions are a good rule of thumb for things to integrate into your space. Some of our favorites are small things that double as useful objects, like pretty dishes for holding jewelry, nicely packaged candles, plants in ceramic holders, or delicate glass boxes for displaying small totems. 

    Consider your rituals.
    Think about the things you do and use every day — from your morning tea to your nightly skincare routine. We like to feel good about the items that we use and use again, so put thought into the items that play a part in your daily life. With a special mug, morning coffee is that much more delicious. 

    Retreat to a sacred space
    At the end of the day, we want returning to our bedroom to feel like slipping into a truly safe, cozy, and perfect space. For starters, making our bed as comfortable and clean as possible is key, with a big fluffy comforter and pillows galore (start with a simple blanket and add color with accent pillows). 

    Second, curate a useful and beautiful assortment of objects on your bedside table: a nice art magazine, a simple lamp (with a soft, low-wattage bulb), and a couple crystals for bringing in the good vibes. 

    Maybe the most important step in styling your space is making it your own. Take inventory of what you have, what you love to look at, and what collections or objects are your favorite, and make a point to display them. Blending the useful and the beautiful, your space is a blank palette to shift and evolve as you do. 

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