• UO Guide: Cozy Bedrooms

    Get our top suggestions for how to turn your bedroom into the ultimate cold weather cozy zone this season.
    Lead photo by @flaco_creative

    Above: photo by @samlandreth

    First step in making your bedroom the ultimate cozy zone is to consider your textures — it's just like layering your clothes. You want to mix and match to create the perfect piled-on combination. 

    Above: photo by @becrowbe

    Above: photo by @myleahardy

    Above: photo by @dkrenewal

    Make dark, rich colors and materials your go-to. We love the mix of textures here: pillows in different patterns, metallic end tables, and of course candles and lots of good details. More is more when creating your cozy den.

    Above: photo by @uomalibu

    When you think you have enough pillows, add one more. 

    Above: photo by @white.bambou

    Set up a music station in one corner — we're all about keeping all our inspirations nearby

    Above: photo by @shelbi.__

    Above: photo by @familiarfaces

    Above: photo by @uomissouri

    Get creative with your twinkle light placement — create a canopy to frame your bed, transforming it into a twinkly cocoon 

    Above: photo by @littlefixations

    Above: photo by @rebeccaeichten

    ...or extend the twinkle lights to other parts of the room, lining shelves or workspaces

    Above: photo by @ciaoimkelsee

    Embrace the uniqueness of winter light — beautiful in its specificity 

    Above: photo by @mags_m10

    Take it to the next level with an old school blanket fort, inside or out. 

    Above: photo by @uonewyork

    ...or to the next next level with a pillow fort + twinkle lights

    Above: photo by @wildfxiry

    Above: photo by @alisialynn

    But maybe the best, most easiest wintery combination? You, in your bed, with a coffee or tea (in your favorite mug).

    Above: photo by @flaco_creative

    Finally — don't forget to document how you style out your space. Share your photos with us with the hashtag #UOHome. 

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