• UO Guide: Choosing the Right Cologne

    When it comes to cologne, picking the right scent for you is a big decision. We’ll walk you through UO’s three new signature scents to show you what makes a smell a smell and which one works best for you. 
    Illustrations by Rachel Maves

    If you’re getting specific, Vetiver consists of the roots from a particular East Indian grass, Vetiveria zizanioides, and has been used in scented perfumes woven products for centuries. It’s a grassy, earthy scent that exudes an aura of naturalness. It’s like walking through a wide open field, or taking a long hike. Our UO Men’s Vetiver Cologne  is crafted from a complex combination of scents to conjure that same natural aroma. 

    Top Notes: UO Men’s Care Vetiver scent features top notes of Italian Bergamot (above), a yellowish orange citrus fruit, and Cypress, an essential oil. Bergamot combines well with other scents to create a complementary arrangement of scents that work in conjunction 

    Mid Notes: Clary Sage, a plant native to the Mediterranean and parts of Asia and Africa, is distilled into an essential oil with a musky floral scent, and is also used in some liqueurs. 

    Dry Notes: Natural scents of vetiver tie the fragrance together along with cashmere wood, which lends a spicy wood quality. 

    Capturing the silvan scents of a walk in the forest, UO Men’s Wood scented cologne combines the fresh and earthy scent of the trees into a cologne perfectly balanced for wearing every day. 

    Top Notes: Featuring top notes of citrusy bergamot, cypress, and the addition of cardamom (above), a spice made from a blend of seeds which is used in cooking and medicine, the Wood scent’s top notes are designed to catch you right off the bat. 

    Mid Notes: Spice reigns here. Combining scents of black pepper and olibanum (also known as frankincense) with nutmeg, it’s a spicy, sweet, smokey combination in the mid range. 

    Dry Notes: The oil obtained from cedar wood is purportedly one of the oldest ingredients used in perfumery and carries with it a distinctly spicy, resinous scent.  Ebony wood and a lush sandalwood scent compliment the cedar to finish off the scent. 

    Defined by equal parts acidity and sweetness, the UO Men’s Care Citrus Cologne packs a refreshing punch. 

    Top Notes: At the front end here is Kaffir Lime (above), also known as the makrut lime,  a native asian fruit known for its rough exterior. Its leaved are used in regional cuisine. 

    Mid Notes: Muguet, a poisonous flower also known as the Lily of the valley, and pink pepper, a pepper-like, red fruit hold down the 

    White Musk: White musk, a synthetic mixture used to replicate the natural musks of deer and other animals, helps tie the scent together. 

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