• UO Goals: Get Moving with Tiffany Lighty

    Talk about health #goals: we spent the day in sunny Miami with filmmaker and self-proclaimed fitness lover Tiffany Lighty, who’s sharing her top five tips for how to get out, get moving, and get healthy this year. She explains, "If my mind and body aren’t right, then nothing seems to go quite right." It's a timely reminder: at the start of the year, take the time to "self reflect and figure out things you want to change, start, or even quit — in a positive way!" 
    Photos by David Cabrera

    1. Drink more water! 
    It is extremely important to keep yourself hydrated and there are so many health benefits to consuming more water (especially if you are an active person). You will notice that your skin is better and you might even get less headaches. (As some headaches are the result of dehydration). My goal this year is to try to drink a gallon a day!

    2. Get active. 
    Active can be defined in whatever way it makes most sense to you and your lifestyle: Go outside, ride your bike, ride your skateboard, do a cartwheel, do ANYTHING to get your body moving. Figure out an activity that you enjoy doing and stick with it. You don't need a gym membership in order to be fit — just throw on some headphones and the world is your playground!

    3. Eat more fruit.
    I have done my best to reduce the amount of sugar that I intake (instead of trying to cut it out completely). Try to consume more natural sugars that also have plenty of fiber like fruit and whole grains — this helps the body better process the sugars into energy.

    4. Think positive thoughts.
    Having a positive mind is super important to me. People sometimes don’t realize how strong the mind can be and how you need to take care of it. Start by not saying words like “I can’t" and be more positive when you are talking to yourself. If you don't believe in yourself...who else will? Confidence!

    5. Take care of your skin. 
    It is important to wear sunscreen on your face everyday — regardless of the climate that you live in. Be mindful of what you're putting on your face, from the face lotion you use to just starting daily practices like cleaning your makeup brushes. You only have one body, so invest in your health (starting now)!

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