• UO Goals: Daily Rituals with Cheyenne Adler

    Cheyenne Adler is one busy girl, whether she's dealing with finals, work, or her lifestyle blog, Adamantly Adler. Luckily for us, she was able to take time out of her busy day to tell us how she stays healthy, upbeat, and active, even when her schedule is slammed.
    Photos by Anna Ottum

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    Hi Cheyenne! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?
    I grew up in a military household moving everywhere from Honolulu, HI to San Antonio, TX before finally settling in Silver Spring, MD. Now I’m in my junior year at NYU’s Stern School of Business where I study marketing with an interest in social media marketing and digital brand strategy. Over the last year, I’ve become obsessed with using social media to show my sense of personal style and resolution to get fit which led to me interning at HBFIT and starting my own personal blog, Adamantly Adler.

    You seem like someone who has a lot going on! How do you balance everything you’re doing in your life?
    It’s definitely challenging being a student, interning, and trying to have some kind of social life, but all to the best of my ability. I have the hardest time saying no because I want to do it all so that’s when things get crazy! Staying organized is my key to success (#DjKhaled). I put everything in my calendar with multiple reminders so there is no possible way I could forget. You might think it's silly to actually have “take a long bath and face mask” on your schedule, but when you’re busy the first thing to go is your down time so I always make sure to know when I have a break – even if it is just to watch and episode of Grey’s Anatomy before bed.

    What’s a typical day-in-the-life like for you?
    No day is alike, but every day is crazy. I’ll usually get up, turn on my Drake playlist (obsessed with him), get ready and out the door around 9. I stop for coffee and then have class until 12:30. After sitting for so long, I love going straight into a workout -- my favorite right now is the Bounce class at Bari. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had working out! This is usually where any sort of routine ends. Some days I’ll go to the HBFIT offices for a couple of hours and others I’ll meet up with my friend and the girl behind all my pictures, Caroline, to take photos.

    By 4pm, I’m definitely on my third cup of coffee and back on campus to do homework, meet for group projects, write for my blog, or finish anything for HBFIT. By the time I get home it’s around 9 or 10, maybe later if I met up with friends for dinner or stayed on campus to finish work. I love treating myself to a nice long shower to de-compress before hopping into bed. Pretty packed!

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    If you're off to a slow start in the morning, are there any quick recipes/snacks that you like to make for energy?
    Boy, do I. I’m a huge fan of the “snooze” button so sometimes I’ll finally check the time and realize I have 15 minutes to get out of bed, get dressed, eat something and get out the door. I like to keep it super simple but still have something yummy so I’ll make a bowl of plain greek yogurt, add between ¼ to ½ cup of granola, and then slice a banana on top or throw in some berries. It literally takes a minute or two to make and it’s delicious.

    How did you get involved with your internship? Did it make you more active than you already were, or were you always super active?
    I became obsessed with Hannah [Bronfman, founder] when a friend of mine showed me her Instagram last year when I was just starting to get into fitness. That’s how I discovered HBFIT and for over six months, I think I was liking and commenting on every picture! Over the summer, I saw their post asking for an intern and I applied immediately thinking it was such a long shot. When Ava, my now boss, emailed me and asked for an interview, I actually cried. No shame. I guess we know what happened after that! It’s truly the best internship experience I’ve ever had and has definitely made me more active. I mean it would be impossible to have Hannah and Ava as bosses and not be completely inspired to get up and active.

    I was only really going to the gym on a regular basis, but through HBFIT I’ve learned that there are so many workouts like Y7 Yoga, that will get you excited to sweat rather than watching the clock, praying for it to end. Because let me tell you – downward dogging to Drake is a spiritual experience.

    Any workout tips for someone who’s just starting out and looking to start fresh in the new year?
    My most important tip is to not be so hard on yourself. If you’re just starting out, you might need to stop and take a sip of water and catch your breath. It’s okay to not be able to do everything right away. A good idea is to make small, realistic goals for yourself like "go to the gym three times a week" or "be able to hold a plank for a minute" so that while you work towards your overall goal of "Get Into Shape,” you can still celebrate these smaller victories and see your progress.

    Do you find that specific workout clothes work best for certain workouts, or is it easier to mix and match than people may think?
    It’s a lot easier to mix and match than people may think. My workout go-tos are usually tights or shorts and a sports bra because I don’t want anything too complicated getting in the way. There are some workouts that I do dress specifically for like hot yoga (because you get really sweaty) and if I’m wearing hot shorts then I’ll just slip and slide all over the place and that’s a disaster.

    What about someone who doesn’t think they have time for working out? Any tips on how to squeeze in some activity/”hacks” for getting ready in the morning quicker after a workout?
    Planning ahead here really helps. If I know I’m working out the next day, I’ll pack all my gear the night before so I don’t have to take extra time in the morning. I also keep a bag with a handful of products like Clinique’s Moisturizing Gel and Laura Mercier’s Faux Lash Mascara in my bag so post-shower I can look put together in a minute or two. Mastering a cute French braid or top knot also helps get you out the door fast when you don’t have time to let your hair dry.

    We loved your recent post about loving yourself. Can you tell us a little bit about your journey to self-confidence?
    That truly means the world to me. It was a post that I’ve really wanted to write for a long time and I’ve received so much positive feedback from girls who’ve struggled with their own battles with self-confidence. This time last year, I was going through a really rough patch and to feel like I had some sense of control, I used weight-loss as a coping mechanism. After a couple of months, while I did lose weight, I realized that I was no happier than I was before and starving myself wasn’t going to make all my problems magically disappear. So that’s when I said, “F it! I’m awesome just the way I am” and started doing things that I loved, like spending time with friends and working out because I loved to, not because I had to. My motto is “Loving yourself should be as easy as inhaling your last breath” because what is not to love? We’re all beautiful in these individual ways and that’s what makes us all special. Knowing that there is no one else in the world like you should make us all feel confident.

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    What’s one thing you do that always makes you feel good, no matter what?
    This is going to sound so funny, but the one thing that without fail makes me feel good is eating fried chicken. I love it! My friends always laugh because I’m so obsessed with it, but if you’ve ever had really good fried chicken then you can understand where I’m coming from. My dad makes the best hands-down and so whenever I get a chance to go home, he makes it special for me so it holds sentimental value for me. No matter how much I work out and eat healthy, there’s no way I’ll ever give up eating fried chicken!

    Where can you normally be found on the weekends?
    When I’m not on campus studying (yes, even on the weekends), you can usually find me having brunch with my girlfriends or working on a shoot of some sort. The weekends are the best time for me to go around the city and take pictures for my Instagram or HBFIT’s. At night, the real fun begins. My friends and I love going to different cocktail bars in the city like Employees Only or to the Jane to go dancing. I’m sort of known as the wild one in the group because you literally have to drag me off the dance floor.

    Finally, what’s your ultimate goal for 2016?
    My ultimate goal for 2016 is to immerse myself in as many things as possible. If I learned anything from 2015, it’s that a lot can happen in one year, more than I could have ever imagined. I want to say yes to crazy opportunities, travel the world (Nigeria…I’m coming for you!), make unforgettable memories with the people I love, and continue making a difference with my HBFIT family. I can’t wait.

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