• UO DIY: Tie Dye Tapestries

    When we think of tie-dye, we think hippies, oversized t-shirts from middle school, and that Grateful Dead poster in our freshman year dorm room. While we may have moved on from wearing our "Class of '98 Field Day" t-shirts, we still can't help but think working on a tie-dye project is as fun as ever. The solution? Call on the talents of Ashley Thayer, a talented, California-based artist, to help us do a more modern take on tie-dye using one of our favorite tapestries of the moment.

    Read on for Ashley's instructions and dye recommendations!
    Photos by Casey Liu

    -Rubber bands and/or string
    -Soda ash fixer
    -Hot water
    -Fiber reactive dyes
    -Squeeze bottles, preferably with a pointed tip

    Be sure to wash your tapestry in hot water with soap before dyeing!

    1. Gather the fabric in interesting ways: spiral, knot, or fold. Tie or rubber band the fabric together very tightly.

    2. Immerse the tied fabric in a mixture of hot water and soda ash using approximately 1 cup of soda ash per gallon of water. Soak for 15 minutes, then squeeze out excess water.

    3. Mix the dyes while you wait as per the instructions on the container, varying the amount of pigment depending on how light or dark you want the color. Funnel the dye into squeeze bottles. Start to squeeze the dye into the fabric.

    4. Flip the fabric over and make sure all surfaces are covered.

    5. With the fabric still tied use your fingers to open the creases and squirt dye all the way inside into the crevices of the fabric. After 24 hours rinse the fabric until the water runs clear. Take the bands off and unfold the tapestry. Wash it in hot water with soap. Once the tapestry is dry, you're all ready to hang!

    The final result: A tapestry ready to be used as a wall hanging, bed spread, festival tent...anything!

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