• UO DIY: Tapestry Tent

    Miss those childhood forts that were all the rage while growing up? We've come up with a decidedly grown-up twist on the classic: a tapestry tent. While these may be just a little too involved to set up in a living room like the good ol' days, they're perfect for an outdoor BBQ, campout, or simply kickin' it in the backyard with a good book. Find out how to make one below!

    -multiple tapestries
    -6+ tree branches or wooden poles tall enough to form a tent
    -heavy duty rope
    -metal stakes
    -handsaw (optional)

    1. The most important part of any tent is the frame. We were lucky enough to find some suitable branches in the woods (after much hunting and trimming down fallen branches), but this can also be made with wood purchased from a lumber yard if finding heavy enough fallen branches just isn't an option. Once we gathered our branches, we arranged them as seen in the photo below, making sure the weight was evenly distributed and anchored by a neighboring tree.

    2. Once the "tent poles" are arranged in a way that seems sturdy, lash the poles together with the rope, using the pole anchored into the tree as a base for the rest. Once these are tied together, they should be able to stand on their own. Remember, this isn't a permanent structure, and will only be hung with light tapestries, so it shouldn't be too tricky to get it relatively sturdy.

    3. After the first tent poles are grounded, start tying up the tapestries. We went for a more freeform shape, mostly just wanting to use the structure for shade, but there's no real wrong way to do this. Think of it as building a fort, and use that imagination!

    4. To create more space in our tent, we also used our rope to extend the tent's size. Simply knot one end to the existing structure, and hammer the loose end into the ground with one of the metal stakes. Knot tapestries onto the rope extension as well.

    5. Once all the tapestries are hung, decorating the inside is just as fun! We threw in pillows and wrapped yarn around various tent poles, just for some extra pops of color, but there's no limit to the possibilities here.

    6. And voila! A cute, totally photogenic tapestry tent to relax in. Summer is starting to look so good.

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