• UO DIY: Tapestry Canopy

    Tapestries are our go-to trick for transforming any room —make your small space a million times cozier with our step by step take on using tapestries to design your own canopy tent.
    Photos by Michael Persico

    What you need:
    -3 to 4 tapestries
    -Nails with wide head
    -Clothes pins
    -String lights

    First, find a spot to assemble the canopy, like over your bed, above a reading nook, or in a cozy meditation spot. A spot with low or angled ceilings also makes it much easier to get everything in place!

    To start, hold two tapestries together, printed sides facing inward. Find the spot where you want to hang them from (you're creating your first "wall" and the ceiling panel). Secure the tapestries to the wall with a nail in each corner.

    Repeat and fill in the sides with one to two more tapestries (depending on whether you want a full-enclosed tent or one — like ours — that's left open).

    To close the corners (and keep everything looking neat and clean), from the outside pin the edges of the tapestries together with clothes pins.

    To decorate, line the inside with string lights (we hooked these onto the nails to keep them in place).

    Done! Your cozy, canopy-lined space. Now find a magazine and curl up inside.

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